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Welcome to the City of Seymour

We are so glad to have you  here at our new City of Seymour Website!  Here you can find information about our town from Utilities to Administration, Economic Development to the Chamber of Commerce, and you don’t want to miss the Living in Seymour tab!  Seymour is looking toward the future, preparing for growth, and looking forward to working with YOU to make it happen!

Seymour is located at the crossroads of North Central Texas, about midway between the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the Lubbock and Amarillo areas, 50 miles southwest of Wichita Falls and 100 miles north of Abilene. Regionally, it is about halfway between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas.

Take time to explore and see what Seymour has to offer through this site and our companion site for the Seymour Chamber of Commerce.

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International Dimetrodon DayJul 28, 12:00amIn honor of the rich Permian fossil history of Baylor County Texas and the life of paleontologist Edward Dinker Cope, the Whiteside Museum of Natural History (WMNH) proudly announces the establishment of the first ever International Dimetrodon Day! It will be recognized annual on July 28, the birthday of Edward Dinker Cope, who was the first to classify the ancient species as Dimetrodon.

Dimetrodon (daɪˈmiːtrədɒn) was named by Cope for it’s "two measures of teeth" and lived during the Early Permian Period, around 295–272 million years ago. The most prominent feature of Dimetrodon is the large neural spine sail on its back formed by elongated spines extending from the vertebrae. It was one of the first large, land walking animals and is important to us because it was more mammal-like than reptilian. The Dimetrodon was the apex predator of its day.

To learn more more about the Dimetrodon and how you can recognize this day in your own unique way, please join our FB event page, International Dimetrodon Day! There you will see how WMNH is celebrating this day and you can also share photos of your own celebrations!
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International Dimetrodon Day

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Seymour TX - Do More, See More

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