November’s Alcohol Election Baylor County

Our community will be having an election in November concerning local alcohol laws. Here’s the simple break down…

This election is for precints 2 & 3 only. If you live East of Washington St, this concerns you. If you are West of Washington then you are unable to place a vote pertaining to this issue. (To be completely sure of your presinct, visit the Tax Assessor’s office at the Baylor County Courthouse.)

Why is that? Because the petitioner who began the process did not want to jeopardize the current alcohol laws, only add to. For that to happen, the precincts where alcohol is already allowed to be purchased had to remain the same.

This vote is for RETAIL alcohol sales, not liquor by the drink. Meaning, this vote is about retail stores selling beer, wine,& liquor. This vote does not pertain to restaurants and bars. If an individual would like to open a restaurant that serves alcohol in any presinct in Baylor County, then that establishment must function as a private membership/club. In other words… this vote will not give permission for “bars” to be opened.

Where do I register? If you need to register to vote, please go to the Tax Assessor’s Office in the Baylor County Courthouse. To be able to vote in THIS election, you must be registered in presinct 2 or 3 at least 30 days prior to the vote.