2018 Meter Reading Schedule


January 2018 April 2018 July 2018 October 2018
25th – Water 26th – Water 26th – Water 25th – Water
30th – Electric 30th – Electric 30th – Electric 30th – Electric
February 2018 May 2018 August 2018 November 2018
22nd – Water 29th – Water 28th – Water 27th – Water
27th – Electric 31st – Electric 30th – Electric 29th – Electric
March 2018 June 2018 September 2018 December 2018
26th – Water 26th – Water 25th – Water 27th – Water
28th – Electric 28th – Electric 27th – Electric 31st – Electric

All meters must be accessible, gates unlocked and all pets contained, so that city employees may read easily and in a safe environment.  If meters cannot be read due to locked gates or loose pets, then a citation will be issued through the Seymour City Police Department and  the issue will have to be resolved in Municipal Court.


If an city employees determines that your meter has been tampered with, then a $150.00 fine can be applied towards the account along with a fine of up to $500.00 with the municipal court as a “Theft of Service” charge.