Welcome to the City of Seymour

City of Seymour Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Seymour is to continue to provide the highest quality public services that effectively address changing citizen and community needs in a fiscally responsible and friendly manner. Our vision is that Seymour  will continue its legacy as a friendly, outgoing community embracing its natural beauty while providing a safe, peaceful and progressive environment to live, work and play.  Its spirit of community and small-town charm will be enjoyed by a strong and active multi-generational population.

City of Seymour Values:

1.  Excellence and quality in the delivery of services.
We believe that service to the public is our reason for being and strive to deliver quality services in a highly professional and cost effective manner.

2.  Fiscal Responsibility.
We believe that fiscal responsibility and the prudent stewardship of public funds is essential for citizen confidence in government.

3. Ethics and integrity.
We believe that ethics and integrity are the foundation blocks of public trust and confidence and that all meaningful relationships are built on these values.

4. Treating citizens with respect.
We strive to treat all citizens with courtesy and respect as they deserve the best services we can provide.

5. Open and honest communication.
We believe that open and honest communication is essential for an informed and involved citizenry, and to also foster a positive working environment for employees.

6. Cooperation and teamwork.
We believe that the public is best served when departments and employees work cooperatively as a team rather than at cross purposes.

7. Professionalism.
We believe that continuous improvement is the mark of professionalism and are committed to applying this principle to the services we offer and the development of our employees.

8. Visionary leadership and planning.
We believe that the very essence of leadership is to be visionary and to plan for the future.

9. Creativity and innovation.
We believe that the City is best served when council members, commissioners, and employees are creative and innovative in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

Seymour is located at the crossroads of North Central Texas, about midway between the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the Lubbock and Amarillo areas, 50 miles southwest of Wichita Falls and 100 miles north of Abilene. Regionally, it is about halfway between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Austin, Texas.

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