Seymour Memorial City Park

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The Seymour City Park has facilities for a complete family gathering or outing with 26.5 acres of fun available to you! The Portwood Pavilion is adjacent to the park area with picnic tables, a meeting room with a kitchen and bathrooms are also available. The park has playground equipment as well as three covered pavilions. In addition to the park facilities, a public swimming pool is located across the street with a manager and lifeguards on duty. The pool operates June through August. Private outings can be arranged. A Disc Golf courses is located in the Seymour City Park. A one mile walking track is also present in the park.

Seymour Sound Garden

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The City of Seymour has applied and received grant monies to develop a pocket park just north of City Hall. The park features sound equipment from Free Notes Harmony Parks. These musical instruments are fun for all ages and stages of development. The idea was inspired from the sound installation at the Perot Museum in Dallas Texas.

The park will also offer free wifi, native landscaping, and seating made possible through memorial donations. This is a handicap friendly park with continuous flat surfaces and ample navigation walk paths.

319 N Washington St

Phone: (940) 889-3148

Seymour Tennis Courts

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The community Tennis Courts of Seymour are located on Stadium Drive, on Seymour ISD grounds, just to the East of the football feild. The 4 courts are open to the public and there is a Seymour Community Tennis Association as well that encourages tennis in the area, holds clinics, camps, and tournaments.

Seymour TX Tennis Courts

500 Stadium Dr

Phone: 9408894548

Tom Lea Mural at U.S. Post Office

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Artist Tom Lea was contracted in April 1941 to paint a mural for the Seymour Post Office.

The painting was designed to depict early life in Seymour and Baylor county when Comanche Indians were an integral part of life. The oil and canvas painting was completed for $950 and installed in 1942. Tom Lea and his wife Sarah Lea were declared, by proclamation of the Mayor of Seymour, to be honorary citizens of Seymour on October 19, 2000.

The Post Office was recently renovated to accommodate the physically handicapped and will remain a part of Seymour for years to come.

210 N Washington St

Whiteside Museum of Natural History

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Before T-Rex ever reared his head, Dimetrodon roamed the land as the “Terrible Lizard” of the Permian Era. The town of Seymour is only a stone’s throw from one of the greatest Permian bone beds in the entire world; it only makes sense that the creatures of the Permian – Seymouria, Dimetrodon, Edaphasaur, and Eryops (just to name a few) – should be the stars of the show. West Texas, and Seymour, in particular, is home to some of the best Permian skeletons in existence, and the Whiteside is privileged to show off these fantastic discoveries. Visitors will feel like they’ve been transported to 288 million years ago as they rub shoulders with the titans of the age.

310 N Washington
Seymour, TX 76380

Phone: 940-889-6548