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Elena Art Boutique

Alterations, Art originals and craft, Gift Shops

Original Paintings. Handmade primitive rag dolls. Handmade handbags. Other Services: Party Dresses, alterations, retail clothing and gift shop. COMING SOON : Art Classes
Elena is an expertise artist who has been studying the field of art and crafts for over 50 years.

115 E McLain St

Mag Co

Gift Shops

900 N Grossman

Phone: 208-360-1442

The Rustic Rooster (flea mall)

Antiques & Collectables, Art originals and craft, Fine Jewelry, Gift Shops

Antiques Freeze Dried Candy Sewing Material Flags Jewelry Caps Tee Shirts Quilting Knives Yard Art
Coming Soon
Jams Jellys Plants

203 E McLain Street

Phone: 940-203-1109

Whiteside Museum of Natural History

Gift Shops, Museums, Shop, Top 10 Things to See & Do

Before T-Rex ever reared his head, Dimetrodon roamed the land as the “Terrible Lizard” of the Permian Era. The town of Seymour is only a stone’s throw from one of the greatest Permian bone beds in the entire world; it only makes sense that the creatures of the Permian – Seymouria, Dimetrodon, Edaphasaur, and Eryops (just to name a few) – should be the stars of the show. West Texas, and Seymour, in particular, is home to some of the best Permian skeletons in existence, and the Whiteside is privileged to show off these fantastic discoveries. Visitors will feel like they’ve been transported to 288 million years ago as they rub shoulders with the titans of the age.

310 N Washington
Seymour, TX 76380

Phone: 940-889-6548