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 Civic Clubs & Service Groups


But why would I volunteer?…

To Improve Your Community

One good reason why volunteering is important is that it goes a long way towards creating a healthy community. Kids who agree to take part in tidying up their classrooms and surrounding areas, promote cleanliness. This in turn helps the community to find motivation to combat pollution and trash. It encourages more people to take an active part in cleaning up. In the end, everyone benefits from it.  Planting trees and spade and neuter pet clinics also help improve the community.

To Give Back

Another reason why volunteering is important is that it showcases someone’s gratitude. Someone who becomes successful in selling books may take part in a reading for a children’s program. An athlete can spend some time in teaching others, the basics of his / her sport. A successful entrepreneur can allocate some time to teaching others how to do business.

To Help Others in Need

During times of calamities, people need help. There are government agencies assigned to this task. However, it’s usually not enough. When ordinary people do their part to help, the task of aiding the grief stricken becomes easier.

This isn’t just true among the calamity stricken. There are people living in harsh conditions who need a helping hand. That’s why, volunteering is important. This way, you can reach out to others. There will be no financial rewards. But the joy you can bring to others will be priceless.


Things are Done More Effectively

When people get together, the job or assignment becomes easier to do. It doesn’t matter what the job on hand is. When individuals work together, most of the difficulties will be erased. Without any help, work becomes a lot harder and more time consuming.

You Get Connected to Other People

When you take part in these activities, you get closer to people. You come to know your friends even better. You will make new acquaintances also. By getting more involved with other people, your self-confidence also increases.

Giving Hope

One reason why volunteering is important is that you give others hope. A downtrodden person will be uplifted when he or she realizes that there are people out there who will help them out. It brings back their faith. It makes them aware that not everything is about money.

It Emboldens the Human Spirit

The selfless act of helping a person / cause / nature provides a spiritual boost as well. Knowing you did something good for someone or some cause is an emotionally uplifting experience that can never be matched by money or fame. It is not a glamorous job, but most who have tried it will tell you that the experience is a positive one.

These are just some of the reasons why volunteering is important. Not only does it bring hope and happiness to people, but it also leads to spiritual and emotional growth. It is an experience that cannot be bought with any amount of money.