City Administration

 City Secretary

Conchita Torrez

Conchita Torrez is City Secretary, Treasurer, one the City’s three Investment Officers and Municipal Court Clerk. 

Conchita was born and raised in Baylor County and attended Seymour ISD. She began work with the City of Seymour in June of 1996 and had served as Assistant City Secretary before assuming the position of City Secretary in November 2006.

The City Secretary’s duties include supervising the Utility Billing Department, coordinating and conducting all City Elections, assisting in Purchasing Agent duties, maintains municipal records, serves as ADA officer and acts as Secretary for the Mayor and the City Council Members.  The City Secretary coordinates, attends and records all City Council meetings and any subcommittee meetings as well. Conchita composes agendas, meeting minutes and Resolutions and Proclamations. She enrolls all Ordinances and Resolutions and maintains the City Codes.

Often the first impression of our City is formed when a visitor enters City Hall. The employees of the City Secretary’s office take their responsibilities seriously in order to provide excellent customer service. As the Municipal Court Clerk, Conchita provides administrative support to Judge James Castagna, who was recently hired by City Council. Conchita annually updates her Court Clerk certifications through the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program, receiving her first certification in January of 2013. She also completes required recertifications as City Secretary.  

The Utility Billing Department, also under Conchita, is staffed by Nita Hons and Ericka Sturgeon. The Utility Billing Department provides billing services for Water, Sewer, Electricity and Garbage in the City of Seymour as well as coordinating airport hanger leases and serving as the central communication hub for personnel working at City Hall.

Finance Director, Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin has been employed by the City of Seymour as a Finance Director since November 1998. She previously worked for Gene Robinson’s Chevrolet dealership as their full-time bookkeeper.

Mary coordinates financial reports, reconciles bank accounts, and supervises all Accounts Payable and Payroll activities with her Assistant, Accounts Payable and Payroll Specialist Suzanne Shumate. Together, Mary and Suzanne coordinate all financial statements for Federal and State agencies and vendors as well as provide reports that are required for grants that the City has applied for and received.

The Finance Department provides expert support to the City Administrator on all matters regarding budgetary, insurance and employee benefits information and supplies all financial data to the City Auditor on an annual basis.