Economic Development

Introducing remarkable opportunities available for your business in the vibrant city of Seymour, Texas. With a robust infrastructure, strategic location, and generous incentives, Seymour offers an ideal environment for expanding or establishing your business.

Our Industrial Park boasts 42 available acres, providing ample space to accommodate your growth needs. We understand the importance of minimizing initial investment costs, which is why we are excited to offer free land incentives to qualified businesses. This unparalleled opportunity ensures a cost-effective and strategic expansion.

In addition, the City of Seymour has a versatile 22,500-square-foot building situated on 3+ acres, ready for you to remodel for your specific requirements. This facility is perfectly suited for various industrial and commercial uses, offering a seamless transition for your operations.

One of Seymour’s greatest advantages is its accessibility. All available locations, including the Industrial Park and the 22,500-square-foot building, are within 1,000 feet of highway access. This ensures efficient transportation and logistics, connecting your business to major markets and facilitating seamless distribution channels.

Seymour is more than just a location; it is a community dedicated to fostering economic growth and business success. We take pride in our business-friendly environment, offering a range of incentives designed to support your endeavors. From tax abatements to infrastructure improvements, our city is committed to your success.

We invite you to explore the opportunities that await you in Seymour. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Our Mission

To ensure that Seymour fully focuses on the future and remains an “Open for Business” community.

Local Site Options

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Click HERE to see available sites within Seymour that have chosen to be marketed by the Seymour Economic Development Department.

Logistically Speaking

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You can get there from here!  Map below represents a 325 mile radius from Seymour within the Inner Circle and a 650 mile radius within the Outer Circle.

Grants & Incentives

Local & State

As part of the Business District Renovation & Development effort, the City of Seymour is offering matching grants to local businesses and building owners through the Business Façade/Signage/Beautification Grant Program.  The “Business District Plan” defines the boundaries, which is available for review in the City Hall.
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My Menu Seymour

Support our local restaurants during this season by ordering take out and joining our Facebook group! The Restaurant Marketing Program was developed in 2019 by the Seymour Economic Development department. Local establishments that chose to participate were encouraged to contribute to our Facebook Group in an effort to grow thei sales and community presenece. Now a staple for all of Seymour, the My Menu Seymour Facebook group is the happening place to learn how to “Eat Like A Local!”

This link will redirect you to the My Menu Facebook Group

Regional Marketing Partnerships

Texas Midwest Community Network

The purpose and goals of TMCN is to identify, develop, and encourage leadership in the region, enhance regional communications and share information, address mutual community challenges, network on ideas and projects, develop regional marketing strategies, strengthen regional participation on statewide concerns, and establish ways to work together and combine resources for the betterment of the region.
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Grow North Texas

Grow North Texas is a network of communities across North Texas that is dedicated to economic growth and development. Join our network and get the coverage your community needs to flourish!
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Our Vision

To achieve and to maintain the most reasonable, dynamic and robust business climate in the Seymour/Baylor County community, by aggressively pursuing all avenues of growth for new and existing businesses, towards the goal of maximizing employment opportunities, tax base, and quality of life.