Trade Area & Community Profile

Labor Force Information

Employee Conditions:
Texas is a “Right to Work State.”
Baylor County has no labor unions.
Seymour (Baylor County) has a Workforce Center Mobile Unit in town on a regular monthly schedule. Information can be obtained from Seymour City Hall.

Climate Totals and Averages

Annual high temperature: 76.5°F
Annual low temperature: 49.5°F
Average temperature: 63°F
Average annual precipitation – rainfall: 26.5 inch
Days per year with precipitation – rainfall: 59
Annual hours of sunshine: 12.6
Av. annual snowfall: 2.3 inch

Weather info provided by WeatherBase.

The Office of the State Climatologist in College Station, under the guidance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, maintains 10-year intervals of weather compilations. For most recent interval as of January 1, 1993, the rainfall in the region averages 27.3 inches per year compared to the Texas average of 30.1 inches per year. The average growing season in the Baylor County region is 214 days. Texas is so climatically diverse that statewide averages are generally irrelevant as a means of comparison. The average temperature in January gathered by the Office of the State Climatologist ranges from 26 degrees to an average for July of 97 degrees. The Texas Department of Agriculture estimates the freeze dates range from Nov 3 to Apr 3.

Current and past climate information can be found at and here.  Natural amenities of the area, according to the U.S. Department of Interior, reflect an overall percent of surface water of 3.4 percent compared to 2.5 percent statewide. The land surface form topography for the region is described as irregular plains. Considerably more detailed information can be found at TXPW and NetState.

 Crime Rate

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General Overview

Type of Government:
General Law Type “A” City
Community Characteristics:
Highways: 114; 277; 82; 183/283
Seymour Public Schools:
Major Agri crops:
Wheat & some cotton
Average Temperature:
63º F
Average High Temperature:
76.5º F
Average Low Temperature:
49.5º F
Average Precipitation:
26.5 inches per year
Weather Information provided by Weatherbase.
Cost of Living:
Compared to the rest of the country, Seymour’s cost of living is 30.69% Lower than the U.S. average. Housing average appraisal $42,660.

Website Resources

Area Universities/Colleges

Midwestern State University*

Midwestern State University is located in Wichita Falls, Texas, 55 miles away. MSU is a university offering numerous degrees: Bachelors; Masters in Business; Education; Fine Arts; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts; and Sciences.

Vernon College*

Vernon Regional College, a 2 year college, is located in Vernon, Texas, 45 miles away with other campuses located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Vernon Regional College offers Associate Degrees in Arts and Science; Associate Degrees in Applied Science; Certificates of Completion within occupational areas; and/or upgradingskills/knowledge within a vocation.
*Both offer distance learning classes.