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Real Estate

Median gross rent in Seymour, TX in 2012: $346.00
Occupancy Rate for Multi-Family Housing Units: 95%
Median number of rooms in houses and condos: 5.5
Median number of rooms in apartments: 3.9
Estimated median house or condo value in 2007: $56,918.00
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Financial Information

Banks with branches in Seymour (2011 data):

  • InterBank:

Seymour Branch at 100 North Washington Street, branch  established on 1904/01/01. Info updated 2011/08/30: Bank  assets: $1,842.7 mil, Deposits: $1,589.2 mil, headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK, positive income, Agricultural Specialization,  33 total offices, Holding Company: Olney Bancshares Of Texas,  Inc.

  • The First National Bank of Seymour:

The First National Bank Of Seymour at 201 North Washington Street, branched established 1890/03/05. Info updated 2006/11/03: Bank assets: $46.0 mil,  Deposits: $41.6 mil, local headquarters, positive income,  Agricultural Specialization, 2 total offices, Holding  Company: Baylor Bancshares, Inc.

  • Herring Bank:

Seymour Branch at 323 North Main Street, branch  established on 2009/02/12. Info updated 2009/08/03: Bank  assets: $562.6 mil, Deposits: $493.9 mil, headquarters in Amarillo, TX, positive income, Commercial Lending Specialization,  16 total offices, Holding Company: Herring Bancorp,  Inc.
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