Whiteside Museum of Natural History


This mural spans the entire side of the South side of the building.  On the North side is a different mural depicting native creatures.  This picture is only a taste of what’s to be seen at the Whiteside Museum of Natural History!


Tom Lea Mural

Artist Tom Lea was contracted in April 1941 to paint a mural for the Seymour Post Office.

The painting was designed to depict early life in Seymour and Baylor county when Comanche Indians were an integral part of life. The oil and canvas painting was completed for $950 and installed in 1942.

Tom Lea and his wife Sarah Lea were declared, by proclamation of the Mayor of Seymour, to be honorary citizens of Seymour on October 19, 2000.

The Post Office was recently renovated to accommodate the physically handicapped and will remain a part of Seymour for
years to come.

Tom Lea painting Pass of the North mural for Federal Court House, El Paso, Texas. 1938

Dimetrodon Sculpture @WMN

You don’t want to miss this larger than life sculpture located just North of the Whiteside Museum of Natural History. Photo options run rampant at this fun art location!