Police Department


Seymour Police Department and Holding Cell facilities at 102 West California Street in Seymour. This location was donated to the City many years ago. Many Seymourites remember this building in its previous incarnations as “Mitchells restaurant”, a donut shop and as the community “Youth Center”. The Seymour Police Department consist of Chief of Police, Patrol Officers, Records Clerk, Code Enforcement and Animal Control position.

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The Seymour Police Department was founded March 22, 1943 by the City Council under Ordinance #154.  C. M. Randall was the Mayor and T. E. Craddock was the City Secretary.  At the time the department was established it was to consist of a Chief of Police and as many additional policemen as the council should decide to appoint from time to time.

The Seymour Police Department has had several Chief of Police since its beginning and several efforts have been made to locate the names of past chiefs of police.  Some of the past chiefs are Ira Prince, Irwin Shumate, Carl Miles, John Stafford, Floyd Burke, Joe Shephard, and Tommy Duncan.  Mike Griffin is the present chief.