Hotel Occupancy Tax

Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Advisory Board

City of Seymour Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funds

By ordinance, the City of Seymour collects a Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) from hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other lodging facilities located within the city limits. The revenue from the HOT may be used only to directly promote tourism and the hotel and convention industry.

Lodging facilities may use the Hotel Occupancy Tax Reporting Form to report hotel occupancy taxes collected. 

Remit payment to:
City of Seymour
PO Box 31
Seymour, Texas, 76380.

Questions regarding payment of Hotel Occupancy Taxes may be directed by email to Lauren Bush, Economic Development Dir., at or by phone at 940-889-3148.

Use of HOT Funds

Municipal hotel occupancy taxes are primarily governed by Chapter 351 of the Texas Tax Code. The HOT funds are generated as a result of a person paying for the use or possession, or for the right to the use or possession, of a room in a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast, with a cost of $2 or more each day, that is ordinarily used for sleeping, not on a permanent basis.

There is a two-part test for every expenditure of local Hotel Occupancy Taxes.

  • Criteria #1: Every expenditure must directly enhance and promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry.
  • Criteria #2: Every expenditure must clearly fit into one of nine statutorily provided categories.

The categories for expenditure of the hotel occupancy tax are as follows:

  1. Funding the establishment, improvement or maintenance of a convention center or visitor information center, or both.
  2. Paying the administrative costs for facilitating convention registration.
  3. Paying for advertising, solicitations and promotions that attract tourists and convention delegates to the city or its vicinity. (1/7 of total funds must be spent on advertising and promoting the city and its vicinity to attract tourist and hotel/convention activity.)
  4. Expenditures that promote the arts, including instrumental and vocal music, dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, architecture, design and allied fields, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic and craft arts, motion pictures, radio, television, tape and sound recording, and other arts related to the presentation, performance, execution and exhibition of these major art forms. (limited to 15% of total funds)
  5. Funding historical restoration or preservation programs. This funding may be used in primarily two ways. First, to enhance historical restoration and preservation projects. Second, for activities or advertising and conducting solicitations and promotional programs to encourage tourists and convention delegates to visit preserved historic sites or museums. Either of those uses must be for activities, programs or events that are likely to attract tourists and hotel guests
  6. Funding certain expenses, including promotional expenses, directly related to a sporting event within counties with a population of under 1 million. This sporting event must include mostly participants from out of town.
  7. Enhancing or upgrading existing sports facilities or sports fields (only in certain cities and not applicable to Seymour).
  8. Funding transportation systems for tourists.
  9. Signage directing tourists to sights and attractions that are visited frequently by hotel guests in the municipality.

Application Process

The City of Seymour accepts applications from groups and businesses whose program fits into one or more of the above categories. All requests for funds should be submitted in writing accompanied by the official application no later than the December 15th, March 15th, June 15th, and/or September 15th as the Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Advisory board meets quarterly the following months. The application will be reviewed by the HOT Board at the earliest possible regularly scheduled meeting. An acceptable application is one that is complete and meets the deadline requirements. Each group, with an acceptable application, will be scheduled for a date and time to present their request to the Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Advisory Board. At the presentation, the Board may ask questions and seek clarification. A formal presentation is encouraged; however, it is not required. Applicants will be notified one week prior to the meeting of the time and place for the review.

Word Doc Application

Google Doc Application

Post Event Report

Priority will be given to those events and entities based on their ability to generate overnight visitors to the City of Seymour, coupled with a consideration of the most efficient use of the hotel occupancy funds. It is suggested that applicants apply the quarter preceding their event to ensure timely reward of funding.

Please submit completed applications and other information to:

City of Seymour Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Advisory Board
Attention: Lauren Bush, City Secretary
PO Box 31
Seymour, TX 76380

Or Email:

Members of the Board

Cathy Woolbright, HOT Board Executive Director, CVB & Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Jeff Brasher, City Administrator
Judge Rusty Stafford, Baylor County Judge
Dr. Jim Tucker, Baylor County Junior Livestock Committee Member
Carl Porter, Whiteside museum of Natural History Board Member
Myranda Baldwin, Chamber of Commerce Board President
Skyler Henricks, City Council Member
Jon Hrncirik, Community Member

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every quarter month, 12 noon, located at 301 N Washington in the upstairs conference room. If you are requiring ADA Assistance, please contact Kristin White at the Chamber of Commerce for meeting accommodations. Applications should be received by the 15th of month preceding the board meetings for consideration at the regular meetings.

Texas Comptroller’s Annual Local Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Report  

Municipality Name: Seymour
Report year (most recent completed fiscal year) 2023

Contact Name Lauren Bush
Contact Phone 940-889-3148
Contact Email

Municipality’s HOT information  

Rate (%) 7.00%
Amount of annual revenue collected  $67,832.23

Amounts ($) allocated for non-population bracketed beneficiaries of revenue  

Convention or information centers   $15,384.00
Registrating convention delegates   $      –  
Advertising to attract tourists   $38,110.76
The promotion and improvement of the arts  $9,151.16
Historical restoration and preservation projects   $     –  
Signage directing the public to sights and attractions  $1,500.00

Percent of total (%) for non-population bracketed beneficiaries of revenue  

Convention or information centers  23%
Registrating convention delegates 0.00%
Advertising to attract tourists 56%

The promotion and improvement of the arts 13%
Historical restoration and preservation projects 0.00%
Signage directing the public to sights and attractions 2%

Municipality’s sports and community venue tax information   

Rate (%) 0.00%
Amount of annual revenue collected  $  –