2014-06: Ord. Services Provided by Fire Dept.

Ordinance authorizing the assessment and collection of fees for certain services provided by the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department. 2nd rdg. effective immediately – required to pass in August 2014 meeting.

2014-03: Ord. Water/Sewer Rates

Ordinance of the City of Seymour prescribing rates, rules and regulations for water/sewer sold or supplied within the city limits repealing all other water ordinances.

2014-02: Ord. Electricity Rates

Ordinance prescribing rates to be charged for electricity sold or supplied within the City of Seymour. Adopting rules & regulations – repealing Ord. 99-11.

2014 -01: Ord. Repealing & Changing Animal Fees

Animal ordinance repealing Sections XII-D, changing vaccination fees (E), changing adoption feed (I), changing private kennel fee and Section XVII (D) and adopting Ord. No. 2014-01. Repealing section of 2011-04.

2013-05: Ord. Ad Valorum Tax Rate

Ordinance of the City of Seymour to establish the ad valorum tax rate at .40598/$100 dollar evaluation, which is higher than the effective tax rate of .39250 and representing a…