2010-07: Ord. Approving Costs by Atmos

Ordinance approving gas rates, mechanism extension, recovery of steel surface line replacement program costs as presented by Atmos Representative. Not Approved

1330 – Res. Excessive Force, 2010

Resolution establishing rules and regulations regarding the use of excessive force during nonviolent civil rights demonstrations in the City of Seymour, Baylor Co, State of TX

2010-06: Ord. Establishing Ad Valorum Tax, 2010

Ordinance establishing the ad valorum tax rate for the City of Seymour for the fiscal year 2010-2011 at .40598/$100 dollar valuation, which is the effective tax rate by conducting a formal voice vote by each council person.

2010-02: Ord. Establishing Speed Zones

Ordinance establishing speed zones located on business 183 from US 82 at signal to the US 277 bypass with an attached strip map defining the speed zone limits.

2009-05: Ord. Placing Stop Sign

Ord. requiring chief of police to supervise the placement of a 3 way stop sign on W. Custer, Kelly Dr controlling east, west, and south bound traffic w/ 3 way stop signs on W. Custer and River Street controlling east, west, and north bound 3 way stop signs on W. Custer and Donald Street controlling…