2012-04: Ord. Repealing U-Turns

Ordinance of the City of Seymour TX, repealing all U-Turn ordinances and changing and adding verbage to caption and Section 1.

2012-01: Ord. No U Turn Signs

Ordinance of the City of Seymour adding Section 10.113, No U-Turn signs to the code of ordinances of the city, prohibiting no u-turns.

2011-03: Ord. Ad Valorem Tax

Ordinance establishing the ad valorem levy tax rate for the City of Seymour, fiscal year 2011-12 at .40598/$100 for operations and maintenance by conducting a formal voice vote of the…

2011-02: Ord. Distributed Generation

Ordinance of the City of Seymour establishing the requirements for the interconnection and parallel operation of distributed generation facilities within the City of Seymour electrical system.