2010-02: Ord. Establishing Speed Zones

Ordinance establishing speed zones located on business 183 from US 82 at signal to the US 277 bypass with an attached strip map defining the speed zone limits.

2009-05: Ord. Placing Stop Sign

Ord. requiring chief of police to supervise the placement of a 3 way stop sign on W. Custer, Kelly Dr controlling east, west, and south bound traffic w/ 3 way…

2009-03: Ord. for EDAP Grant

Ordinance for financial assistance in the form of a grant, known as the EDAP for water/wastewater assistance.

2009-01: Ord. Levying Ad Valorum Tax

Ord. of the City of Seymour levying ad valorum tax for FY2009-2010 at $4,000/$100 dollar valution – recording the roll call vote of council and providing an effective date.

2008-06: Noise Ordinance

Ord. creating a noise ordinance repealing all ordinances, making modifications as needed by the City Council and providing for an effective date.