2009-05: Ord. Placing Stop Sign

Ord. requiring chief of police to supervise the placement of a 3 way stop sign on W. Custer, Kelly Dr controlling east, west, and south bound traffic w/ 3 way…

2009-03: Ord. for EDAP Grant

Ordinance for financial assistance in the form of a grant, known as the EDAP for water/wastewater assistance.

2009-01: Ord. Levying Ad Valorum Tax

Ord. of the City of Seymour levying ad valorum tax for FY2009-2010 at $4,000/$100 dollar valution – recording the roll call vote of council and providing an effective date.

2008-06: Noise Ordinance

Ord. creating a noise ordinance repealing all ordinances, making modifications as needed by the City Council and providing for an effective date.