Salt Fork Gun Range

The Salt Fork Gun Range is available for rifle, pistol, archery, and trap shooting. To schedule your appointment today, please call City Hall at 940-889-3148 to be provided all the necessary documentation and to either pay your daily fee or set up your membership.

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Range Rules

  1. Members, customers or visitors associated with private range rentals only
  2. Gun Range Officer must be on site before and during any active Gun Range shooting exercise.
  3. Range Hours 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM During Daylight Savings Time and 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM During Standard Times
  4. Age Requirements:

    0-6 years old:   NOT allowed on any range. Young children may NOT be left unattended in vehicles in the parking lot or in the office.
    7-17 years old:  Minor must be accompanied by a parent and stay with the parent.
    18 years old and above:  Adult, no supervision necessary. Please use common sense while utilizing the range.
  5. Know and obey all range commands.  Range commands are located in Chapter 7.
  6. Unload, open the action, remove the magazine, and ground/bench all firearms during a cease fire.
  7. Do not handle any firearm or stand at the firing line where firearms are present while others are down range.
  8. Gate to be locked at all times.
  9. Property cannot be entered by any means other than the front gate.  No members or persons are to jump or cut fencing, create an additional entrance, or access property from an adjoining landowner’s property.  Any person or persons caught entering the property by any means other than the front gate will be asked to leave immediately, membership(s) will be revoked, and access to the Seymour Shooting Grounds will not be allowed for 365 days from date of violation.
  10. When entering and exiting the gun range you will need to sign in and sign out when leaving.
    •  Entering-Name, Date, Time                • Leaving-Name, Date, Time
  11. NO loose or baggy clothes, NO open toe shoes, flip flops or sandals – all of these can catch hot brass and result in burns.  See Chapter 4 for PPE requirements.
  12. NO eating or drinking on the firing line.  Food and drinks can be placed & consumed at the bench area directly behind firing line.
  13. Be sure of your target. Consider its foreground and background.
  14. Shooting will be regulated to one area at a time, either on the Rifle Range, the Pistol Range, Skeet/Trap area, or Archery area.  Take turns & share the range.
  15. Do not ever move pistol stands to rifle range area.
  16. Targets for rifle range are at 100 & 200 yards. No targets at short range.
  18. Keep all firearms unloaded until at the firing line.
  19. Shoot only from the designated firing lane at your designated target – do not crossfire to another shooters target.
  20. Be aware of muzzle positions at all times. No muzzle flashing. Do not point your muzzle at anything that you are not prepared to kill, destroy, or buy.
  21. Accidental or negligent discharge will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM RANGE and membership will be revoked for 180 days following.
  23. NO shooting from the hip or drawing from the holster. *
  24. NO shooting from the prone position
  25. NO shooting targets made of glass, aluminum, or tin. Personal Paper targets can be provided by users.  Staple guns are located in the office/cleaning building.
  26. Personal archery targets can be utilized and need to be removed after use, unless otherwise authorized by the City Administrator.
  27. NO firearms of any kind are allowed down range. You may NOT carry your weapon, loaded or concealed, on your person when you go to post a target.*
  28. Always assume all firearms are loaded at all times.
  29. Keep the range clean. Pick up your chairs, your trash, and your old targets. If you see trash, pick it up.
  30. Always pick up your shells and casings. We will check for this every day.
  31. NO firearm cleaning at the firing bench.  Feel free to use our on-site office.
  32. NO unaccompanied children are allowed.
  33. NO illegal or illicit drugs or alcohol use, or members under the influence of, at any time. ZERO tolerance.
  34. NO unwarranted instruction of gun range members without expressed desire
  35. All long range rifles must utilize the shooting baffle provided by the shooting range.
  36. Range is available for Private Rental.  Contact City Hall for fees, terms, & conditions.  Waivers must be signed by all attendees.  Signs will be posted while private shoots are in progress and no persons will be allowed to enter accept those waivered by the rental.
  37. These rules are applicable to all range members and customers or visitors associated with private range rentals.
  38. Members are encouraged to police the gun range at all times and correct members when violations of these rules are recognized.  Report the problem to the SFRC Supervisor or contact City Hall at 940-889-3148.  For Emergencies contact 911.
  39. All Users are required to observe the flags located at the entrance gate. 
    (a) Red flag DOWN the range is cold and no shooters are present.
    (b) Red flag UP means the range is hot and occupied by a shooter.
    (c) Flags are also located at each shooting area to indicate which portion of the range is hot.

*  Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) may inquire on policy exceptions & procedures.

Ammunition Restrictions


•          Pistols

•          Rifles

•          Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) is allowed at Salt Fork Recreational Complex.

•          Steel jacket is allowed ONLY if it is NOT steel core. We have magnets available to test your ammunition if you are unsure.

•          Shotgun – Bird shot only *

•          Black Powder Allowed


•          NO ammo that exceeds 3 miles of travel

•          NO armor penetrating/piercing rounds

•          NO military green tip rounds

•          NO tracer (or incinerating) rounds

•          NO Shotgun slugs or buckshot *

•          NO steel core bullets

•          NO canons, grenades, explosives, or fireworks.

Certain ammunition is restricted from use on our range, these are:

•          338 Lapua

•          50 BMG

•          50 Beowulf

•          458 Socom

•          Green Tip 5.56

•          Any tracers, armor piercing, or     incendiary rounds

•          Any ammo with a steel core