Seymour Youth Leadership Program

Welcome to the Seymour Youth Leadership Program, where tomorrow’s leaders are nurtured today! Dive into our virtual hub and discover the extraordinary journey of our 2024 Team and Mentors as they embark on a transformative voyage towards personal growth and community impact. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our esteemed alumni, including the 2023 Team, whose exceptional dedication led them to clinch first place at the prestigious Texas Midwest Community Network Competition. Explore, engage, and be inspired by the stories of leadership in action.

2024 Seymour Youth Leadership Team


2023 Youth Leadership Team CHAMPIONS

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Payton Baldwin is the son of Myranda & Bryan Baldwin and a 2024 senior at Seymour Highschool.

Kaytlin Stripling is the daughter of Michelle & MW Stripling and a 2024 senior at Seymour High School.

Together this dynamic duo took an unused space and breathed life back into it, providing a gathering space to the community and offering fun opportunities from outdoor movies to fun murals! These fantastic kids were the trail blazers for Seymour to participate in the Texas Midwest Community Network leadership program and brought home the WIN and 1st place with their project “The Lot”. Check out their facebook group to see the hard work they put into Seymour Texas, making it a more vibrant place to be! Thank you Peyton & Kaytlin!

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