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Concerning Republic Waste Services

The City of Seymour has chosen to utilize Waste Connections as their new waste contractor. As Republic Waste Services makes their rounds to pick up and remove their can and those labled KWS, Knox Waste Services, we are requesting from our public to:

Do NOT place any more trash in the Republic/KWS Receptacles.
a. If REPUBLIC comes by and empties your roll out or 3yard dumptser, but does not remove it from the premise, do NOT place any more trash within the can.
b. Leave the roll out or dumpster out, making it accessible for pick up.
c. The employee/vehicle dumping your trash and removing your can may not be the same. Leaving them out and empty will ensure them being removed.

The City of Seymour is maintaining constant contact with Republic Waste Services to see that the problem with pickup and clean up is resolved.