City Hall Cinema

The City Hall Cinema is located on the second floor of City Hall, 301 N Washington St, Seymour TX. Built in 1924 to serve as a townhall meeting area, graduation platform, and local community venue, the City Hall Auditorium carries a lot of history

Movies at City Hall Cinema

In November of 2016, following a partnership between the City of Seymour, Seymour Community Development Corporation, and The Priddy Foundation of Wichita Fall, the City Hall Cinema opened its doors to the community.

Movies are shown every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and are completely free to attend. Visit the CALENDAR of events to see upcoming shows and join our Facebook Group MOVIES AT CITY HALL CINEMA to get all the latst notifications about our movies.

Private Parties

The City Hall Cinema is available for rent for private parties. Below is the fee schedule. Please make arrangements by contacting Lauren Bush at 940-889-3148 or by email at

$75 – 3 hours, 200 people max
Your choice of movie from our library or yours, you provide all refreshments. Screw top drinks only and no cheese/chili is allowed. (ie) No nachos, chili dogs, etc…

$100 – 3 hours, 200 people max, 30+ popcorns
Your choice of movie from our library or yours. Screw top drinks only and no cheese/chili is allowed. (ie) No nachos, chili dogs, etc… If you reach your limit on popcorn and request more, and additional $25 will have to be rendered to the concessions stand. This typically only happens in very large groups.

You may request “Open Concessions” during Private Parties. This means that your quests will be paying for their own refreshements from the concession stand. This needs to be requested PRIOR to the party so that arrangements can be made to have all the concessions available.

Coomunity Engagement Programs

If you are wanting to hold a movie open to the public for free as part of a community engagement endeavor, please contact Lauren Bush at 940-889-3148 or These community engagement activities have to be pre-approved and volunteers have to be available. There is NO COST to the event holder for community engagement events, HOWEVER we do ask that you give a donation of some sort to your volunteer if the day the event is being held on is not a regularly scheduled movie night.


Any local group, or group from the surrounding area, may hold a fundraiser during a regularly scheduled movie night with pre-approval from the City Hall Cinema Coordinator. The group is required to have at 2 volunteers in the concession stand and is obligated to do full clean up afterwards. Each group has to have at least 1 Adult as a supervisor. at the end of the night, all proceeds will be counted by the Cordinator and rendered back to the group. In the case of a very large amount of patrons that causes the City Hall Cinema concessions to be badly depleted, the Cordinator will hold back $50 to purchase more supplies. Other than that, all monies raised in the concession stand, minus the original amount of change at the start of the evening, will be given to the group.

Fundraisers held on evenings where there is not a regularly scheduled movie will have to pay the $75 building rental fee.