Garbage & Transfer Station Information

City of Seymour Garbage Services with Waste Connections

For service inside the city limits, contact City Hall at 940-889-3148.

Garbage Services Rates

Residential June 1, 2022 – June 1 2023
(1) 95 Gallon Roll-Out  [once a week]  $     30.90
(2) 95 Gallon Roll Outs  [once a week]  $     39.39
Commercial Garbage Service Rates
3 Yard Containers
Once per Week Pickup  $     73.00
Twice per Week Pickup  $   136.00
6 Yard Containers
Once per Week Pickup  $   104.50
Twice per Week Pickup  $   193.75
95 Gallon Roll Out
Once per Week Pickup  $     31.00

Transfer Station Information


Tuesday Thru Saturday, 10am to 5pm, closed 12noon to 1pm for lunch

Item Accepted at Transfer Station

Residential/Household Garbage Furniture
Metal that can be loaded & unloaded by hand Wood Fencing
Misc. lumber items from a residence (lumber from small renovation projects preformed by a property owner are allowed Refrigerators, Mowers, Air Conditioners that have had all fluids removed and have been properly tagged by a licensed repairman

Items NOT Accepted at Transfer Station

Shingles  (Accepted if weighed empty & full) $80/ton Household Hazardous Material
Tires Any other materials considered hazardous
Batteries Medical Waste
Paint Materials from Contractors
Oil and Oil Filters Dead Animals

Changes to the Transfer Station June 1st

Admittance:  To be able to dump at the Transfer Station you will need

  • A copy of your most recent utility bill
  • Your driver’s license or photo ID
  • Customers will need to exit their vehicle and enter into the office to receive their ticket to dump

Billing:  Costs associated with dumping will be charged to the utility account holder.  No one will be allowed to bill to another person, unless that person is present.  Statements of Work will no longer be accepted. No person, commercial account, or entity will be allowed to dump for free.  Any and all previous agreements will be null and void as of June 1st, 2022.  Any and all requests/questions need to be made to the City Administrator, Dr. Jeff Brasher during regular business hours at City Hall, 301 N Washington by phone 940-889-3148, in-person, or by email.

Outside City Limits Residents:  Those living outside the city of Seymour limits wishing to utilize the transfer station, may do so by creating a “Garbage Account” through the City of Seymour utilities department.  The cost of said account will reflect the current residential pricing schedule for Trash Service.  Beginning June 1. 2022 that price will be $26.00 however, will increase annually each June 1st for the following 2 years, as will this Outside City Limits Garbage Account.  This account allows you to use the transfer station at the same rate as a resident.  Billing will occur monthly and due date for payments will be the 18th of each month.


Tarp Fee

There will be a Tarp Fee enforced for all loads brought to the Transfer Station either completely without a tarp and for those inefficiently tarped.  Tarps need to cover the load completely so that no litter is able to escape.  The Tarp Fee is $25.00 and will be billed to the utility account holder.

One-Time Dump Fee

Loads that are not accompanied by an account holder will be allowed to dump only once.  The name of the individual and the vehicle license plate number will be recorded so that they may not be allowed to use the transfer station again without an account.  The One-Time Dump Fee will be $40.00, cash only.

Seymour Transfer Station Pricing 2022
Bagged Trash   $5.00
8ft Trailer or under $5.00
9ft to 16ft Trailer $10.00
Over 16ft Trailer $15.00
Dump Truck/Large Com Truck $25.00
Per Pick Up Load or Smaller $5.00
Brush on Trailer up to 16ft $10.00
Trailer over 16ft $15.00
Bagged Trash   $5.00
Pick Up Loads $25.75
Trailer Loads $4 per linear ft
Commercial Bobtail Loads $78.25
Trailer under 16ft $50.00
Trailer over 16ft $70.00
Truck Load $90.00
Outside City Limits Voucher $26/mo
Billed by the City of Seymour, allows for the non-resident to have
a “bill of service” that allows them to use the transfer station in
the same fashion as a regular inside city limits resident.
One-time Dump Fee – NO ACCOUNT $40
This allows for those without a utility account
No Tarp Fee $25/Incident
ALL loads must be tarped when entering into the transfer station.
ALL untarped loads will be accepted with a $25 fine.
Tarps must cover ALL of the load that is being dumped.
Insufficient tarps will be fined.