The Whiteside Museum of Natural History

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The Whiteside Museum of Natural History is committed to inspiring enthusiasm and creating opportunities for discovering our present and ancient world and the immense cultural significance represented by the town of Seymour, Texas.  The information provided to the community will be as accurate and up-to-date as possible and disseminated through the use of educational programming, fun interactive exhibits, growing and changing collections, and scientific research.  With the goal to empower people to go forth and use their experience in future meaningful ways, the museum will in return be recognized as an innovative and healthy place of learning and research.  

The museum will strive to lead by example in demonstrating responsibility to the planet and its people through an ongoing commitment to green energy and conservancy, and will maintain ethical standards within the industry.  These values will extend throughout the museum’s presence within the community and beyond.

The focal point of much of the areas rich fossil history is the Craddock bone bed, a truly amazing place with its colorful biological record preserved magnificently in the red clays. Discovered around 1909 by Lawrence Baker of the University of Chicago, the Craddock Ranch has continued to relinquish its ancient secrets, depicting a prehistoric world full of monsters.

Visitng the Whiteside Museum is much more than just spending the day at a natural history musuem. This gem is located in the quaint town of Seymour, TX – the very heart of the famous “Texas Red Beds”. Take a stroll down Main St. and you might see a cowboy complete with spurs and chaps or a bull nestled away in an alley by the grocery store. This real-life town is itself a chapter right out of a Texas storybook. 

Come for the day, stay for the sunset!

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Baylor County Museum

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General Information

The Baylor County Museum is open Tuesday-Friday 1pm – 5pm.
If you would like to schedule a visit on a weekend, or at different hours you can call 940-888-3748 or 940-636-1695

Salt Pork To Sirloin Vol.I (Book) —$50
Salt Pork To Sirloin Vol. II (Book) –$50
Map of local businesses 1900-2011 (Map)–$5
Pictoral History Of Baylor County (Book)–$21.99+tax
We also have a gift shop area with many items.
If you would like to purchase a book or item and are unable to visit the museum you can contact us on facebook, email us at or call 1-940-889-6780. We will let you know how much shipping will be and as soon as we receive payment your purchases will be sent.

Museum Books About Seymour & Baylor County

Salt Pork To Sirloin

Volumes I & II

Salt Pork To Sirloin, Volumes I & II are also available for $50 each. Both of these books are full of information on, not only the county, but also the families that settled here. A lot can be learned about the people that called Baylor County home.

There are sections on Native Americans in the area, fossils, early businesses, churches, clubs, etc.

Salt Pork to Sirloin Volumes I & II is a good source of genealogical information for some families, also.

If you would like more information on any of the books listed above, you can stop by
The Baylor County Museum at 116 North Washington St, Seymour, Texas
Call 940-889-6780 or by email at: