Public Library

seymour_public_library_16aThe Baylor County Free Library is located at 101 S. Washington Street in Seymour, Texas.
The library provides free services to all residents living within the Seymour/Baylor county boundaries.

The library boasts over 23,00 items in their collection of books, videos, DVDs, magazines,
reference titles, books on tape and CDs.

Over 11,000 visitors entered the library last year to utilize print and electronic reference resources, access the Internet, participate in computer and Internet training, view a Library exhibit or attend one of the Library’s many events.

Our friendly and professional staff and volunteers are eager to serve you. Welcome to the Public Library!


The Friends of the Seymour Library group was formed in 1969 to assist the
library financially as well as through volunteering and programming.

The Friends meet the first Monday of each odd month at 4 p.m. in the district courtroom. Memberships are
$5 per person or $10 per family for a year. The Friends purchase equipment, books, summer reading supplies and more
for the library above the current county and city budget. Memorial, honorary and general donations are always accepted.

You can now donate by Pay Pal on the library website by clicking on the
folder labeled ‘donations’ on the home page. For more information on the group, please contact the library.


Current Topics and Titles:

The Baylor County Free Library provides reading, viewing, listening and
programming materials to the community for personal enrichment and pleasure.

General Information and Lifelong Learning:

The Baylor County Free Library meets the information resource needs of the community
with the latest available materials in various formats for patrons of all ages.

Cultural Awareness, Community History and Information:

The Baylor County Free Library supplies access to cultural information, community history
and information for patrons of the community from all walks of life.


The Baylor County Free Library is committed to providing library services for life-long learning
through equal access of informational, educational, cultural and recreational materials in a variety of formats in
keeping with the ever-changing needs of the community.

Use the link below to visit the Baylor County Free Public Library on line: