Rates & Fees

City of Seymour Electric Rates

Ordinance No. 2021-01


 APPLICABLE: To residential customers for all domestic use in individual private dwelling or individually metered apartments where such service is taken through one meter at one point of delivery. Three (3) phase service to less than five (5) horsepower furnished only under special contract guaranteeing continuous use of service for not less than twelve (12) months.


Residential Electric Rates
Customer ChargeMeter Fee $10.00/Month$10.00/Month
Energy Charge $0.0482/kWh
PCAF fluctuates

Above rates plus State and City sales taxes.

MULTIPLE -DWELLING UNIT: Where more than one family or housekeeping unit is served through one meter, the number kwh in each block of the rate and minimum bill charge will be multiplied by the number of families or housekeeping units served.


 APPLICABLE: For General Service customers with a demand under 50 KVA OR 50 KW.

CHARACTER OF SERVICE: AC, 60 cycle, single phase, 120/240, 120/208 volts, 3-phase, 4 wires.


General Service Rates
Customer ChargeMeter Charge $15.00/Month$10.00/Month
Energy Charge $0.0470/kWh
PCAF fluctuates


APPLICABLE: For General Service Customer with a demand of 50 KVA or 50 KW up to 500 KVA  or 500 KW.

CHARACTER OF SERVICE: AC, 60 cycle, single phase, 120/240, 120/208 volts;3 phase, 4 wire, 120/240, 120/208,7200/123670; 3phase, 3 wire, 480 volts as available at point of delivery.


Large General Service Rates
Customer ChargeMeter Charge $75.00/Month$10.00/Month
Energy Charge $0.0536/kWh
PCAF fluctuates


APPLICABLE: For City Service and Street Lights.


City Service and Street Light Electric Rates
Energy Charge $0.055/kWh
PCAF fluctuates

APPLICABLE: To any customer for unmetered lighting service supplied exclusively to one or more outdoor lamps as specified below, operating, automatically from dust to dawn.

Installation and Maintenance of yard lights at customer’s expense.


Yard Light Service
Mercury Vapor Sodium Vapor
Watts kWh Lumens Cost Watts kWh Lumens Cost
175 70 7000 $7.10 100 40 9500 $7.43
400 160 20000 $10.84 200 80 22000 $10.51

Above rates plus Power Cost Adjustment and applicable State and City sales taxes.


APPLICABLE: Available for private outdoor area lighting service. Under this schedule the City will construct, own, operate and maintain overhead mercury vapor or sodium vapor luminaries, mounted on wood poles, of a design approved by the City and cause each light to operate from dusk to dawn.


Yard Light Contract Service
Mercury Vapor Sodium Vapor
Watts kWh Lumens Cost Watts kWh Lumens Cost
175 70 7000 $9.00 100 40 9500 $13.50
400 160 20000 $12.50 200 80 22000 $16.50

Above rates plus Power Cost Adjustment and applicable State and City sales taxes.

The above rates could vary up or down based on the City’s estimated cost of owning, installing, and maintaining the lights.


The monthly charges for all rates shall be adjusted in accordance with the Power Cost Adjustment Factor (PCAF).

PURPOSE: The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) shall be used solely for the purposes of collecting revenue owed for wholesale power supply expenses. This shall include, but is not limited to, wholesale power supply invoices, transmission charges, ERCOT and other regulatory fees, delivery charges, and any other market fee assessed to the City.

The components for calculation of the power cost adjustment factor (PCAF) is as follows:

  1. Purchased Power Cost($/kWh)
  2. Purchase Power (kWh)
  3. Energy component in rate base ($/kWh)
  4. Adjustment factor relating to line loss and rate stabilization


The utility will require reasonable security for the payment of its bills and shall not furnish service to any customer who is in default in payment of any indebtedness for electric current to the utility. The following procedures are established to ensure the security of payment:

    1. Residential electric customers deposit will be $200 minimum, providing that customer does not owe a past due bill, otherwise, it will be at the discretion of the City Administrator or City Secretary on how much the deposit will
    2. A valid current (within the previous 12 months) letter of credit from one or more previous electric suppliers, of not less than one year, showing an excellent record of
    3. Commercial electric customers deposit will equal to a two-month average bill. In the event of new construction where no monthly average bill exists, the deposit will be computed from a previous bill like location. The deposit will never be less than $300.00.
    4. A valid current (within the previous 12 months) letter of credit from one or more previous electric suppliers, of not less than one year showing an excellent record of
    5. If the City of Seymour determines, by a search of the records of the City, that any customer applying for service has had previous unpaid balances for City utility service, said customer will be required to pay unpaid balances in full, plus deposits before service can be established with the City of Seymour. This applies to both commercial and
    6. The City of Seymour shall require, or cause to be required, positive and personal identification of any or all persons applying for electric service from the City of Seymour, Texas, prior to any connection of said
    7. In the event  any consumer  of  electricity  within  the  City of Seymour, Texas, and  using such City facilities  does  not  pay utility charges  by the  18 t h  or  the  first  business  day thereafter,  then the City shall cause such electrical  services  in  default.  In the event of any such disconnection for failure to pay accounts as stated, the customer shall pay to the City of Seymour, a reconnection fee charge, before the reconnection is made, in the sum of $50.00. Reconnection will be made, (if payment is received in City Office no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday- Friday, excluding Holidays.)  and upon such payment being made, such connection shall be reestablished. If it is determined that any disconnected electric  meter  has  been  illegally turned on  or  tampered  with  in  any  manner  by  anyone  other  than  a  city  employee,  the  meter will be removed  and  re-installed,  only  upon  payment  of  additional  $150.00  service  charge.  A fine of up to $500.00 will be imposed and charges will also be filed in Municipal Court, under theft of service charge. If Court payment is not received as court ordered, electric service will be subject to disconnection until payment of utility service and court cost is received in full.
    8. Refund (applying to both residential and commercial) of utility deposit, will be applied to the customers utility bill, if in the previous 18 months ALL payments have been promptly paid from the date deposits were applied for service. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    9. The charge for return checks or drafts will be $35.00 each After 3 occurrences, you will no longer be able to pay by check or draft, for a period of one year.
    10. Bills will be rendered by the utility office on the 7th day of each month and shall be paid by the consumer to the City of Seymour the 18th day of each month and shall become due and payable on this date. Any customer paying after the 18th day of the month, will be charged a 10% penalty on their remaining
    11. Late notices will be sent out on the 19th of the month, with payment due in full by the 25th. If payment is not received by the 26th at 10:00 a.m., services will be disconnected without further
    12. Electric service will not be turned off for failure of payment on Fridays or any day prior to holidays. Also, on days of extreme conditions, those conditions being temperature forecasting above 100 degrees (F) for 3 or more days and temperature forecasted below 32 degrees (F) for a 24-hour
    13. Average monthly billing residential customer by executing an average monthly payment (AMP) agreement.
    14. Wiring apparatus, machinery, or appliances of the consume will be required to be installed and maintained in accordance with good practices,
    15. The ordinary method of connection between the utility’s distributing system and the consumer’s service wires will be by overhead wires. If the consumer shall desire to have connection made in any way, special arrangements will be made between the consumer and the utility by which the connection will be made and maintained at the consumer’s
    16. The utility will, without rental or other charge, furnish a meter for the registration of electric current. The City of Seymour has the right to inspect such meter at any time and to pass such regulations as to testing it as may be necessary to ascertain and ensure its accuracy and efficiency.
    17. The consumer shall provide and at all times maintain, free of expense to the utility, and at a suitable and easily accessible location within the premises to be supplied with electric current, sufficient and proper space for the installation of meters or other similar  devices of the  utility, and shall also provide the necessary meter board, wiring, and meter loops.
    18. The utility will supply electric current only through meters or other measuring devices furnished and owned by it. The utility office must be notified when the consumer desires to have such meter or other measuring device installed, relocated, changed, or removed.
    19. The duly authorized agents of the utility shall have access at all reasonable hours to the premises of the consumer for the purpose of inspecting wiring and apparatus, removing the utility’s property, reading meters and other purposes incident to  the  carrying out  of the contract. The utility, however, does not assume the duty of inspecting the consumer’s wiring, machinery, or apparatus, and will not be responsible, therefore.
    20. The consumer shall property protect the utility’s property on the consumer’s premises, and shall permit only the utility’s agents, and persons authorized by law, to inspect or tamper with the utility’s wiring and apparatus.
    21. The consumer assumes all responsibility for the electric current upon the consumer’s premises, and at and from the point of delivery thereof, and for the wires, apparatus and appurtenances used in connection



Temporary Service is service through a “service entrance” that is temporarily installed. This “temporary service” may be during repair of an old residence or for any other service of a temporary nature. This would include changing a “house service” to a “meter pole service” or to change from a “meter pole” to the “house”. This “temporary service” will also apply to non-residential service. The fee for this service shall be $25.00.


If a customer moves from one location to another and the City disconnects and reconnects the electric meter, the fee for this service will be $25.00.


Meters will be re-read by customer request. There will be a fee of $15.00 charged if the original reading was correct. There will be no charge for an incorrect reading, and an adjustment of billing will be made to correct an error in reading.


A service charge for connecting utility service (turning utilities on and reading meters) shall be a charge of $25.00 during regular office hours.


Statements will be issued for the service charges herein contained, to be mailed by the 7th of each month following service. Any service charges remaining unpaid thirty days after billing date will be added to utility bills as “arrears”, and failure to pay total bill as stated on utility statement will result in disconnection of utility services.


Any person, firm, or corporation as defined herein above who violates any provision of this Ordinance or who fails, omits, or neglects to obey or comply with any lawful order or Ordinance or any part of this provision thereof, legally promulgated by the City Council of the City of Seymour, Texas, involving any of the matters herein contained  upon conviction in a Court of competent jurisdiction, shall be fined any sum of money not to  exceed $500.00 for each offense; and each day of such violation, omission or neglect to obey or comply with such order or ordinances promulgated hereunder shall be deemed a separate

This Ordinance shall take effect upon approval of the City Council of the City of Seymour. The effective date will be January 2021 reading and February 1, 2021 utility billing.




  1. City will be responsible for services to the top of the meter loop and for the City
  2. If underground service is desired by the customer, the City will provide 1/0 Single Phase

U.R.D. (underground) wire, if the customer agrees to pay all other expenses and to locate meter loop and a main disconnect on the City’s electric pole.

  1. Customer is responsible for the meter loop and from the City meter on to the house or structure.
  2. City will be responsible for customer damages only if there is negligence on the City’s behalf.
  3. Under no circumstances will the City be liable for acts of God, nor any damages incurred where changes or repairs are made before City
  4. If one expects the City to be liable, the city must be notified, and an inspection made by the City
  5. The City under no circumstances will be responsible for damages that occur on customer’s premises if the meter base is not properly
  6. Under no circumstances will the City be liable for damages caused by interruptions of City’s electric service that occur on our supplier
  7. The City will be responsible for overhead service to customers meter loop and the customer will provide a right-of-way, at no cost to City, and the customer will provide an attachment on structure to connect City’s service. Customer is responsible for everything past the
  8. All underground or overhead services are to have a safety device between meter and secondary to protect URD or overhead wire. Safety device must be capable of protecting the Amp load of the
  9. Seymour Municipal Electric Policy will be used in conjunction with Ordinance No. 2014- 02.
City of Seymour Deposit and Fees Schedule
Electric Deposit
$200 Minimum Deposit, can be subject to change if the account holder has previous unpaid debt for services
$25 Connection Fee
$300 Minimum Deposit, can be subject to change
$25 Connection Fee

Fees Associated with Payment & Tampering

Illegal Tampering Meter Replacement Reread Request Fee
$150 Electric Meter $35 Fee
$500 Fine No Charge if the meter was read incorrectly
Returned Checks or Drafts Late Bill Penalty Fee
$35 Fee 10% Applied to remaining Balance