Seymour City Hall Cinema

Rent the CINEMA for your next Private Party!

You may rent the City Hall Cinema for a private party by calling City Hall at 940-889-3148.  Private party rental information listed below:

$75 – 3 hours, up to 220 guests, your choice of movie, no concessions

$100 – 3 hours, up to 220 guests, your choice of movie, 25-30 popcorns provided

  •  If your party is very large, 30+ then you may request additional 25-30 more popcorns for $25 – OR –
  • for parties 30+ you may request a “Paid Concession Stand” and allow the guests to purchase their own items, however if your guests do not exceed 30 then you will be charged the $25 for popcorn provided.

Concession Stand Items & Prices

Popcorn – $2
Popcorn REFILLS – $1

Sodas – $2
Water – $1

Candy – $2
Cookies – $2
Special Treats – $2
Pickles – $1
*Concession items vary

Titles & Times

For information on Titles and Times, please request to join our closed Facebook group:  Seymour City Hall Cinema.  Due to the copyright laws, we are unable to publicly disclose titles, however by requesting membership to this closed group you will be notified when new movie listings are decided upon.  To request an email notification, please subscribe to our Cinema newsletter.


The Seymour City Hall Cinema opened it’s doors, thanks to a grant, in November 2016.  As of October 1st 2017, the cinema has seen 2,600 regular movie attendees, has provided $32,500 worth of FREE entertainment, and have raised $3,230.50 for local non-profits/service-civic groups/individuals.

The City Hall Cinema is FREE to the public and regularly shows movies the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month, on Saturdays and Sundays.  Concession stand is available with popcorn, various candies, cookies, sodas, and water.  Proceeds either go to a local group or back into the maintenance of the cinema.