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House-Keys webGoals:  To encourage good renters.

How Membership Provides:  On the pretense that if you do not maintain your rental property as it should be, or as outlined by your lease agreement, that other rental property owners in the association will be made aware of this and locating another property may prove to be difficult.

House-Keys webGoals:  To help maintain a renter in your property.

How Membership Provides:  Having a comprehensive listing available for prospective tenants of only Renters Association Members puts your property in the fore front for new renters.  We have many revolving doors of employment such as coaches, Ag related industry employees, law enforcement, and etc…  Being able to see what is available, size, lease amount, and location as well as landlord contact information encourages easy rental in our community which encourages population growth.

House-Keys webGoals:  To encourage more people to purchase property for rental.

How Membership Provides:  When we can physically see and actually speak with other property owners, we can define the most rentable size property, the most common rent amount, and feel confident that your property will be rented.  Interested parties should find the association valuable when considering investing in rental properties.

House-Keys webGoals:  To encourage property owners to maintain their property.

How Membership Provides:  Competition breeds excellence and knowing your partners in the association are making endeavors to maintain their properties the best possible way, other property owners are encouraged to do the same which makes Seymour a great place to move to, raise your kids, and rent in!

House-Keys webGoals:  To provide essential forms, checklists and documents.

How Membership Provides:  Making sure property owners have all the essential paper work to safeguard themselves and their tenants is paramount in encouraging good renters and confident landlords.  Move-In/Move-Out, Employment Verification, and check-lists for abandonment are a few of the checklists we will have available as well as Lease Cancellation Agreements and Pet Agreement forms and other documents that can prove helpful.

Member Benefits: 
1.  Local business discounts pertaining to maintaining a residence.
2.  Comprehensive listing and singular contact.
3.  Online representation on the City of Seymour’s website.
4.  Essential forms, checklists, and documents.
5.  Education on rental property legalities.

Membership is completely FREE!

For more information please contact
Lauren Bush at or by phone at 940-889-0030.