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Dove Hunters’ Free Appreciation Breakfast

The Chamber hosts a FREE Annual Dove Hunter’s Appreciation Breakfast held the first Saturday in September, 9/1/18. Reports of the dove sightings have been good this year. It is always a pleasure to visit with those hunters who drop in. Most of the hunters are those returning year after year. Visitors from all over Texas and other states continue to enjoy Baylor County’s plentiful birds. Serving as early as 5am, the talk is low and the coffee is hot. Youth, both boys and girls, accompany their dads, moms, and grandpas. Often they have babies in tow. It is exciting to see families participating in a family friendly sport, passing the sport to the next generation. A full course meal with biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs, stacks of pancakes , and lots of fresh brewed coffee are on the menu. Many take advantage of  our breakfast burritos to go. We start cooking at 4am. Breakfast is served at 5. There are many  hunters walking in the doors at straight up 5, headed for the coffee. We wait for the last stragglers to come in (usually locals who know where the dove are and take their time getting out). The aroma of the pancakes smells better than any IHOP. Our venue is always at theTexas Extension  4-H building on the corner of  Nevada and Main. Volunteers from the Chamber Board do the cooking.