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Free Planning Workshop


Public Notice

Seymour Planning Workshop


You are invited to participate in a public workshop on

Thursday,  July 17th, 7:00 pm

at the Portwood Art and Civic Center, 800 E Morris, Seymour.

(940) 889-3148



Please attend a planning workshop hosted by the City of Seymour as part of the City’s comprehensive planning process for 2014-2024.  Items to be discussed include provision of services for economic development, recreation, water, wastewater, drainage and streets, as well as housing conditions and land use and zoning patterns.


Planning studies are used by communities to inventory and analyze existing systems, to identify local goals, and to plan for future development.  The workshop is a forum to discuss and identify the community’s problems and determine a vision to preserve strengths, resolve weaknesses, and meet future goals. Public input is the key to a successful plan. So please, join us.


If you have questions regarding the comprehensive plan, or would like more information about the workshop or other aspects of the planning process, please contact Carlos Beceiro at GrantWorks, Inc., 512-420-0303 x 323