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Hometown Heroes – We are a thankful community!


During the month of November we will be showcasing Hometown Heroes.  These submissions are accepted via email and facebook message.  Monday through Friday, through the end of November, we will be celebrating these nominations on our Seymour Tx – Do More, See More page and here on the home page of our website.  Check back to daily to see who has been added!

Monday, November 3rd

Clayton & Meri Beth Miller and family
Nominated by Jennifer Farris

HTH Millers


“When Clint was in that wreck back in May they went out of their to help us. When I had to be right there with Clint they took the girls immediately and looked after them for us. They raised over $200 with a cupcake stand then used their own money (quite a bit ) and threw Clint a benefit lunch where $1000 was raised where we could pay our bills for June. This was really heartfelt and knowing I couldn’t pay for a dime of it. Clay and Meri Beth went out if their way just to raise that money for us. They are really young and it took me by surprise because there’s not a lot of young people with such big hearts!!!!  So to me they are heroes to our little family.” – Jennifer Farris

Tuesday, November 4th

Jon Hrncirik
Nominated by Justin Elliott

HTH Hrncirik finnished


Jon is a born and bred Seymorian who serves his community in many different ways. 3 years ago, Jon created the Busted in Baylor County Motorcycle Rally with several others and in 2013 donated $2000 to Relay 4 Life, $1300 to Boy/Cub Scout & Girl Scout Programs, $800 to the Freedom Care Warrior Project and this year they are looking to donate $1500 to scouting and also retain monies to help local needs. Jon also announces Panther Sports on KSEY and is a City Council Member. The community thanks Jon for all his hard work in making Seymour the Best Place To Be!


November 5th

Jo Reimer
Nominated by Sis Hammack

HTH Jo Reimer finished


“I’d like to nominate Jo Reimer. She has a giving heart that has no limits. She runs her restaurant and caters, but she also feeds the poor, the down and out…those who can give her nothing back. She goes to other countries to minister, but she does the same thing here in Seymour, daily. She ministers to the widows, the orphans, the rich and the poor. She always has a kind word, and is in constant pursuit of someone to help. She is a gem that Seymour should honor and thank.”


Wednesday, November 6th

Lita Slaggle
Nominated by Lauren Bush

HTH Slaggle finished 2

Lita Slaggle is such an asset in our community, especially with the Baylor County Library. All of the summer reading programs that we have attended have been wonderful and such a great opportunity for the kids of Seymour to learn and have fun. Lita has pursued grants and technology advancements for our library and works hard to make sure that this aspect of our quality of life is ready and available. Many out-of-town people and new residents go to the library for information about our town and Lita is great to help out. She also serves in church, on the SCDC Board, houses book signings for authors, helps with elections and voting processes, and takes photos for the Banner at sporting events. Thank you for all your hard work Lita! You definitely make this town a better place to be!


November 7th

Myra Busby
Nominated by Sis Hammack

HTH Busby finnished


“Myra Busby is so vital to Seymour. She is a part-time employee that works time and half most of the year. She is the cheerleader behind every event that takes place in our community. She is continually coming up with new ways to bring people to Seymour. She works every event, all year long, and stays after the rest of us to get our part done. She never complains, never says she’s too busy, and always has the betterment of Seymour on her mind and agenda. She starts working on events days before the opening date, and she is there long after everyone else has gone home, so she can finish the clean up. Myra helps make Seymour a fun place to live!”


November 10th

Bud Vickers
Nominated by Jesi Terrier & Krystlyn Newman

HTH Vickers


Bud has served for 27 years with Seymour EMS and has been a Volunteer Fireman for 21 years. He is a certified CPR Instructor, state certified EMS adjunct instructor, and has taught 2 EMT classes thus far. Bud also serves outside the community in Knox County as a part time EMT for 3+ years. He has touched the lives of many many people. Bud and Jennifer have been married for 28 years and have 2 daughters and 2 grandkids. “He’s awesome… the greatest person ever.” – Jennifer Vickers. Thank you Bud for your service in our community helping make Seymour the BEST place to be!


November 11th

All Veterans, past and presently serving
Nominated by Seymour

HTH Veterans


We asked for our facebook followers to list their veteran under the post. We had areach of 414 people, 82 post clicks, & 63 likes.  Listed below are the men and women recognized in the comments.  Thank you all for your service, those listed and those not.  Your community appreciates you all.

US Army – Armondo Torrez, Chance Freeman, John Hardy Scott, Kyle Matus, Grant Elliott, Peter Bushacker, Chester Blankenship, James Edward Stevenson, CPL. Joy Jackson, Ernest Hunt Sr, Don Butler, Shawn Stevens, Jeff Latham

US Air Force- Dustin Wayne Morris, Charles Landers

US Navy – Joe Bush, Matthew Glaze,

US Marines – Cory Butler, Robert Eapperson, Jason Stroebel, Cody Coltharp, Lance Cpl. Jordan Jackson,

Recognized w/o Branch Identification

Stacey U Smith,, Kollin Mullins, Justin Martinez, Dustin Morris, Ronnie Shirley Ogle, Cameron Thacker, Joshua Johnson, Robert Ray, Mike Miller, Ale Garcia, Gene Atnip, David Egleston, Tristan Hancock, Rusty Randall, Carisa McGonegal


November 12th

Jim Stout
Nominated by Anonymous email

HTH Stout

Jim Stout was born and raised in Seymour and has been a very active citizen over the last decade whether it be charitable work or holding the Precinct 4 Commission Court position. Jim has raised money for Team Briley & Cynthia’s Crew, both cancer based fundraisers and many others. He has also given personal monetary donations to Cub Scout Pack 71. Jim is the owner/operator of the Farm All Grill along with his wife Cynthia. “He’s helped my family and he’s helped others. And not just in Seymour, but in other towns too.”- Anonymous. Thank you Jim (Bubba) for your service in our community helping make Seymour the BEST place to be!


November 13th

Judge Clyde Whiteside
Nominated by Anonymous email

HTH Whiteside

“Mr. Whiteside has really helped our town with the new museum. Seymour now has something that really is different from everyone else around us and the kids really love going there. I know he also helped with the auditorium remodel as well. My family went to the free concert by Seth James and it was amazing. Seymour is starting to add some neat things and its a great thing for everyone. Thank you Mr. Whiteside.” – Anonymous


November 14th

Charles “Chinky” Malone & Gene Tipps
Nominated by Linda Gilbreath

HTH Malone Tipps
These two men have a combined 32 years of service with Meals on Wheels in Seymour Texas.  Many times the only visitors these recipients have are Chinky or Gene.  They are dedicated to their community by serving those in need.  Chinky, at age 82, will have been delivering meals for 20 years in May 2015 and Gene, 67, has delivered for 12.  Many of you may know Gene as Seymour’s very own “Rip Van Winkle”.  At age 20, Gene was in a car accident that left him in a semi-coma.  8 years later, with much dedication from his family and a genuine miracle, Gene came back.  These men are daily miracles for many.  Please shake their hand and thank them for their service to this community when you see them.  They are definitely gems in Seymour’s crown.

November 17th

Geraldine Sessions Powell
Nominated by Maxie Gilstrap Hodges

HTH Powell
If you ask anyone who went to elementary school in Seymour between the years of about 1950 and 1980, they will know her – and what an amazing and gifted teacher she was. Geraldine Powell taught 5th grade for 40 years at Seymour Elementary. Geraldine turned 99 this summer, and she has only been in assisted living for about 18 months. Before that, she lived in her home – alone – on Foley Street near the old high school campus.  Those who choose to teach and enrich the lives of our children deserve our thanks. Good teachers are a rare breed. They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind. They manage all this in the face of students who often don’t want to be taught. Our teachers are some of the few people that we remember forever and their impact they had on our lives. Thank you Ms. Powell for your service to the children of Seymour!

November 18th

Lauren Bush
Nominated by Alexis Germany

HTH Bush
“Lauren volunteers and works for Seymour everywhere. She is involved in Cub Scouts, the STAR Council, teaches kid’s church at Harvest, SCDC Board, taught summer art classes, and recently she has become the Economic Development Director for the City of Seymour. She’s a dedicated mother and wife and a great friend. Seymour is lucky to have her! Love you long time, Willy Joe!” – Alexis Germany

November 19th

Mark Aulabaugh
Nominated Anonymously

HTH Aulabuagh

“Mark Aulabaugh gives back freely to this community through KSEY and his endeavors to spread the word of Seymour to many others. Because of Marks dedication, people all over the globe have the opportunity to hear the great things happening in our town and he is constantly doing PSAs for local events, charities/foundations, and etc. We are fortunate to have a radio station is such a little town and Mark ensures its progress and play daily. Thank you Mark for all you do to promote Seymour!” ~ Anonymous

November 20th

Bryan Myers
Nominated Anonymously

HTH Myers
“Bryan Myers attended Seymour schools until 1997 and then moved to Jacksboro. He joined the US Army in 2001. In 2013, Bryan started a foundation called The World Is My Country, a Non-profit organization that is committed to bringing benevolence back into our world. TWIMC’s current focus is towards helping anyone in need. Bryan is currently working at a nearby National Park that has been devastated by graffiti and overall neglect for cleanliness. He volunteers twice a week at the Park to work towards 100% graffiti removal, trash cleanup, and has installed anchors in the rock face for fun climbing adventures open to the community. Bryan also took a trip to Salalah where he handed out water and food to those in need. He has been making several contacts throughout the community in the middle east that will help grow awareness of TWIMC’s mission. TWIMC’s ultimate dream is to support and meet global humanitarian needs.”Our hope that that your time in our community and the friends made helped to shape the person you are today and your mission to help others. For more information about Bryan’s foundation you may go to their FB page The World Is My Country Foundation.

November 21st

Janice Vita Thornhill
Nominated by Brenda Latham Dodd

HTH Thornhill

“I think Janice Vita Thornhill should be a Hometown Hero. She has supported Seymour in every way she can. She is a member of the Seymour Museum, supports the Seymour Panthers no matter what sport it is, and supports the Veterans every Veteran’s Day. I know I haven’t even touched on what {all} Janice does. Please make her a Hometown Hero.”- Brenda and Dickie Dodd

Thank you Janice for your dedication to Seymour through all the organizations you participate in and with our school sports programs. You have touched the lives of many kids with your support and belief in them and their abilities!


 November 24th

Deana Loving Dalton
Nominated Anonymously

HTH Dalton

“I think Deana Loving Dalton is so deserving of this recognition. Deana has such a selfless, giving heart!! Not only does she do for Seymour, she is always helping others. She has given to others through friendships, financially, nursing them to better health and even taking others into her home. She is always baking pies, probably giving away so many more than she sells, just because she cares!! And they are the BEST PIES EVER!!! Deana is always taking care of someone else and putting others needs above her own!!!! Selfless, loving, giving, nursing, caring and just plain nice!!! The perfect definition of hometown hero!”

 November 25th

Chris Flis
Nominated Anonymously

 HTH Flis 2

Chris has been hunting fossils since he could walk. Saying that he has a passion for science is quite the understatement. Born in Midland, TX and raised all over from Ireland to Louisiana, he is a true dinosaur cowboy with a worldly charm. He made his first trips to Seymour, working with Dr. Bakker of the Houston Museum on excavations at the Craddock Ranch. Fortunately, the little town of Seymour got under his skin and his passion for the town and its people continues to grow alongside the success of Seymour’s newest museum.

“The enjoyment I receive out of sweeping away the red dust from sleeping giants hundreds of millions of years old mirrors the gratification I gather from sitting down for coffee and pancakes with strangers I now call friends and colleagues.” – quote from Chris

You may not have been born and raised here, but Seymour is home now… for however long you want to stay! Thank you for all you do to promote Seymour and the passion you have for the giants in our little town!


November 26th

Matt Gwinn
Nominated Anonymously

HTH Gwinn

“We are so fortunate to have a dedicated newspaper man like Matt Gwinn. Many small towns no longer have their papers and, in conjunction, do not have a printing business either. Matt is always making time and arrangements to attend local events and happily puts everyone’s picture in the banner. Our newspaper goes to many towns to so all that Matt and his employees do, promotes Seymour all around. Thank you Matt for the job you do in Seymour!”



November 27th

MB Norville
Nominated by a lost contact. Please let me know if this was you!

HTH Norville

“MB Norville has lived in Seymour for years. He probably has done work on most houses there. After moving from Seymour to Wichita Falls we had a tornado that destroyed our house. M B came to Wichita Falls and worked diligently to help us rebuild. He was so agile that he could stand on a ladder and reach around the corner to work. He is a good man and raised a good family there in Seymour.”

Down thru the years MB has built a countless number of quality homes. He served on the city council for ten years always trying to better Seymour. He was a deacon at the First Baptist Church and faithfully served that church by putting in many hours working on the building. He is a kind and big hearted man. MB believed that if your going to something, to do it right or not at all.


 November 28th

Jody Dillard
Nominated by Chrysanne Copper Randall

HTH Dillard

“I would like to nominate Jody Dillard for our hometown hero. She tirelessly promotes things in Seymour regardless and never stops! Thank you!”

(Taken from Jody’s FB Page)
I came to Seymour in 2009 to retire and discovered what a great community this is. I completed my family history book I was writing and searched for a new adventure. So I bought a resale shop on N. Washington Street. I named it Stage 2 Designs because I feel I have entered the second stage of my life. Selling used furniture and home decor at very low prices was such a rewarding adventure for me and gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in Seymour. And having the opportunity to work and spend time with my sister, Betty Karr a long time resident of Seymour was also a joy. – Jody Dillard

A big THANK YOU to all our nominees that make Seymour a great place to live!