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Kenning Energy Technology Global. Inc. Comes to Seymour

Reprinted from The Baylor County Banner

ed_kenning_energy_a_14City Signs Contract With
Wind Generation Company
A special city council meeting was called Thursday night, August 6, at the Portwood Pavilion to sign contracts with Mr. Leon Fan of Kenning Energy Technology Global, Inc. This is the accumulation of 14 months of work between Mr. Fan and city economic development director John Studer.
Leon Fan, owner of Kenning Energy Technology Global, Inc., signed property contracts with both the City of Seymour and the Seymour Community Development Corporation (SCDC) to locate and base his USA location in Seymour. The company purchased an approximately 25000 square foot building from the city. They also purchased an additional 10 acres in the SCDC Business Park to build and expand upon. Mr. Fan will assemble and distribute his “on site” wind generators from the Seymour location to the U.S. markets from a China manufacturing faciltity. Plans are to make a manufacturing facility here at some point in time. The renewable energy generators are about the size of a roof mounted air conditioning unit. They will generate electricity from available wind and utilize the electricity produced at the site where the unit is located. It promises to be efficient at low wind velocities and is low maintenance. The new company is projected to employ approximately 50 persons within one or two years. An exact schedule of when the company plans to start will come in the near future.
Plans are to mount one of his wind generators to a building to demonstrate how the technology works. The contract includes plans to mount a wind generator to the City Reverse Osmosis Water Plant to further prove his technology. The city’s RO plant is one
of the largest users of electricity.
During the council meeting, Mr. Fan told a story about several turning points in his life which has eventually led him to creating an environmental friendly energy source.
He had worked as a chemical engineer for Fraculated Research Institute (FRI) in the distillation processes. Mr. Fan told a story about having car trouble in Georgia and while asking a man for directions the man asked him what he does. Mr. Fan told him he was a chemical engineer the man commented that you guys cause a lot of pollution. Mr. Fan was hurt by that comment and after thinking about that he decided to try and do what he could to help the environment. He also stated chemical engineering is sometimes bad because industry relies on it.
He quit his job in March 8, 1998. He started out on his own with $100,000 of his family savings. A friend of Mr. Fan’s was quoted as saying, “He honestly believes in what he does and if you can hang on to him he’ll take you with him. What he believes in, in his head he believes it will work”.
Mr. Fan currently resides in Carrolton, Texas along with he wife Betty, and son Kenny. He travels to China to take care of his engineering and manufacturing business over there.
Mayor Reeves thanked Mr. Fan for locating in Seymour, Mr. Fan stated that out of all the places he and his wife had considered, Seymour was the friendliest.
For employment information, please check with Bill Scatlin at the Wichita Falls Workforce office, or with John Studer at the City of Seymour at 889