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Local Corona Virus Relief Fund Grant

The Ministerial Alliance is blessed to offer to the community of Seymour the Corona Virus Relief Fund Grant.  These monies are being awarded to individuals who were unable to work or quarantined and were NOT compensated in any way, by their employer or through unemployment benefits.  If you were unable to work, and went without pay or compensation, please visit the website and download an application today. 

Local Corona Virus Relief Fund Grant Application

Applications can also be picked up at City Hall or requested via email from Lauren Bush at  

It is preferred that applicants reside inside the Seymour city limits.  The main exception is for cosmetologists & barbers who are allowed to live outside the city limits, but must have their business inside the city limits.

Employer’s verification will be made for each application.  The employer’s information and signature must be included on the application for any awards to be given.  A phone number must be included so that verification can take place.

For self-employed individuals can apply, but must have their doctor sign off that they were unable to work due to covid19 or quarantine.  A 1099 must be presented to verify self-employment.

For cosmetologists and barbers, applicants must present their valid cosmetology license and verify employment inside the city limits.

All applicants will need to know the EXACT number of days that they went without pay, compensation, or unemployment benefits as a result of covid19 or quarantine.

Monies will be award on March 2nd, 2021 at the Catholic Church Parrish Hall beginning at 1pm and closing at 5pm.  Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Applicants will remain in their cars, unless on foot, and will line up facing South down Cedar Street in front of the hall.  Applicants will remain in their cars and an attendant will come to them, accept their application, number it, and then bring it into the hall for employer verification.  Please look and be aware of signs directing you where to stop and wait for assistance.

If you have any questions, please call 940-889-0030, email, or find and speak with a Ministerial Alliance board member.

Local Corona Virus Relief Fund Grant Application