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May 2020 Newsletter

In this edition we will be including 
1)  Our Senior Spotlight
2)  May 21st City Council Meeting Info
3)  City Hall Cinema Announcement
4)  Guest Blogger – Tabitha Townley 
5) Clean Up Efforts Update

All of this information can also be easily accessed from our Website.

Kamryn Hrncirik is the daughter of Mayor Jon & Misty Hrncirik.

Jasmine Sanchez is the daughter of Shawn Sanchez, Street Department Director, and Janice Sanchez.

You can access the full agenda on our Website.

The May 21, 2020 City Council Meeting, hosted at the City Hall Cinema, will be open to the public.  To ensure the safety of all patrons, we will be observing:

  • 6ft social distancing protocol
  • Sanitizing stations at both entrances
  • Households are allowed to sit together
  • Those outside the household, skip 3 chairs between each other. 
  • We will also be skipping every other row of auditorium chairs. 
  • At 50% capacity, we are allowed to have 100 people including staff

The North entrance has handicap ramp access for those who would prefer to not climb the stairs.  Otherwise, please use the middle front door at City Hall.

The City Council Meeting will also be streamed online via Facebook LIVE and KSEY Radio FM 94.3.  Due to the open nature of this meeting, we will not be answering questions/comments from the Facebook feed.  If you would like to make a Public Hearing Comment or Citizens Comment, you may do so in person or by using the form located on our website. 

Directions are included below.

To make sure that everyone has the ability for their opinions and voices to be heard during our Council Meetings, we have made easy to use and access forms available on our Website.  Remember that Citizen Comments are BEFORE a meeting and Public Hearing Comments pertain to the specific public hearing that is being conducted on that day.

Citizen Comments

Prior to regular meetings, citizens have the opportunity to submit their comments to Council remotely through the following channels:  

Send us an EMAIL.
Call us: 940-889-3148
Write to us:
City Council
City of Seymour
P.O. Box 301
Seymour TX 76380

In person, citizens have one opportunity to speak to Council – at the beginning of every meeting. 

  • Each speaker must complete a Speaker Request Form and submit at meeting to city staff. 
    • Available online for prior print-out or at the meeting. 
  • The Mayor or Meeting Chair will determine the amount of time people will have to speak.
  • Every person will have the same amount of time to speak

Public Hearing Comments

During this time, we encourage our citizens to use the Public Hearing Comments Form to submit comments electronically concerning public hearings.  You may also use the comments form on the website HERE.

Public Hearings are held on an “As Required” basis. Notifications of Public Hearings are printed in the Baylor County Banner newspaper at least 15 days prior to commencing. Other posting locations include:

  • on bulletin board convenient to the public in City Hall, located at 301 N Washington 
  • on the the City of Seymour website

The City Hall Cinema will remain closed to the public until further notice.  The majority of our patrons are under the age of 18 and attend our facility in groups for fun.  To ensure the safety of your children and our other patrons, we will not be reopening until the 6ft distancing rule is repealed.  

Please join our Facebook Group Movies At City Hall Cinema for updates.  Thank you!

Guest Blogger,Tabitha Townley,
contributed this wonderful article. 
Thanks, Tabitha!

Does social-distancing, quarantine, and self-isolation have you at home more with time to spare? Have you missed fresh vegetables at the local grocery store? If you’ve considered gardening since Covid-19 surfaced, I’ve got a beginner garden project for you.

I first learned about square foot gardening 4 years ago after I planted my first garden here in Seymour. I have a mixture of red clay, caliche, and random pasture rocks. It literally bent our tiller blades when we started our first bed. That year I constantly amended the soil with organic materials, manure, vermiculite, peat moss and anything else I read was good. It got expensive and honestly didn’t really improve the soil as much as I had hoped. After a summer of pulling more weeds than produce I started researching my options. I discovered the square foot gardening method founded by Mel Bartholomew ( It caught my attention because your existing soil doesn’t matter. Yes! Teach me! Read the FULL ARTICLE on our website!

Clean Up Week was widely successfull this spring!  We are still in the process of picking everything up, but we are so glad for all who participated.  Things are looking good, Seymour!

To follow on the heels f Clean Up Week, the City Council will begin work on a Beautification Comprehensive Plan that has many aspects, including Code Enforcement.  Typical code enforcement includes Public Nuisance, Unsafe/Dangerous/Hazardous Buildings, Zoning Violations, and Animal/Livestock Violations.  Our current Public Nuisance Laws, and others, can be found on our website HERE under the Police Department tab.  The red ordinance button will open Franklin Legal’s digitized code for Seymour.

A copy of the digital Zoning Ordinances can be requested by emailing Lauren Bush at

We look forward to the continued partnership with our community to be clean, beautiful, and inviting and we thank all who have worked towards this effort as of late.