April 15, 2021 – City Council Meeting Minutes

Jun 24, 2021

APRIL 15, 2021

A Regular City Council Meeting was held  Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 6:00 P.M. at the Portwood Art & Civic Center, 800 E. Morris Street, Seymour, Texas, 76380.

Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik at 6:03 p.m.  

Council present:

Mayor Jon Hrncirik, MPT Monty Glass, Council Member Lan Winn, Council Member Brian Broome, Council Member Mary K. Fair.

Counsel present:

City Attorney not present

City Staff:

City Secretary Conchita Torrez, ED Director Lauren Bush, Water/Sewer/R.O. Plant Supervisor Robert Torrez, R.O. Plant Employees Chase Hoyt & John Davis, SVFD Chief Kenneth Hons, Electric Supervisor Kyle Ward.


Nancy Boone, Allen Phillips, Grant Elliott, Sarah Elliott, Rick Moorhouse, Sandra Moorhouse, Charlie Rose, Chris Koulovatos, Mark McCord, Paula Vaden, Jimmy Barker.

As part of the SISD Government Class, the following students, accompanied by their teacher Amy Burnett, attended just long enough to take a picture with Mayor Jon Hrncirik: McKenna Bufkin, Jacob Willden, Jacob Stripling, Paige Hembree, Fernanda Garcia, Hanna Bailey, Jordan Simek, McKinzi Donnell, Layni Stewart. No one listed above stayed for the meeting.

Announcements from Mayor:

There were no announcements by the mayor at this time. Mayor Hrncirik welcomed everyone for coming.

Citizen’s Comments: No one spoke at this time

Consent Agenda:

1.  Consider Approving the Consent Agenda as Follows:

a)  Approve meeting minutes for Regular Council meeting on March 18, 2021

b)  Accept Reports

      1. First Bank and Trust report summary for March 2021.

      2. City of Seymour Employee/Contract list & Golf Course Membership Total

      3. Administrator and Supervisor Reports

Motion made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Council Member Lan Winn, to

approve the Consent Agenda with the corrections to minutes for the March 18,

2021, meeting minutes.   Motion carried 5 Yeas  0 Nays

2.  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding presentation from Jacob

Martin, LLC, Representative Allen Phillips on R.O. Plant project(s) updates.

Allen Phillips with Jacob & Martin, attended the meeting to give the Mayor Jon

Hrncirik and City Council an evaluation regarding the Water Treatment

Plant (R.O.)

Here is a summary of the discussion that was had:

Plant Process: The City of Seymour accepts water from wells owned by both

 the City of Seymour and Baylor Water Special Utility District. These wells

draw out of the Seymour Aquifer which generally has good quality , but is high

in Nitrates.. The modification that is done ultimately improves the overall

efficiency of the Water Treatment Plant to 92%.  The 64 gpm of waste is then

directed approximately 15 acres of evaporation ponds in lieu of the river

discharge. The river discharge permit was closed, and the ponds are permitted

under a TCEQ Evaporation Pond Permit.  

Among other things discussed were to identify and discuss Major Components

of the WTP Process, Identify Consumables which need to be accounted for.

Discuss other possible maintenance or improvement items and evaluate and

discuss the ponds and WTP Disposal.

At this time Charlie Rose had a question for Mr. Phillips.

Charlie asked if there was any way that salt water could be placed in a dry well

like oil fields do .

Mr. Phillips replied that they had checked into it and it was

very expensive to do so. No action was taken at this time.

3.  Discuss, consider, and review legal advice and information received

from attorney regarding contract between City of Seymour and Royce

Stallcup concerning the Harris Land Lease.

This agenda item was re-discussed and after a lengthy discussion on what was

best for both parties, it was decided to have Lauren Bush send the current

contract to the City Attorney to look over and draft an updated one where

both parties can agree to it.

 Charlie Rose spoke during Public comments and stated this whole issue came up   because TCEQ stated we were in violation due to cattle on the premises. The cattle are no longer in there so there should not be any more ongoing violations. He went on to say that we did not have to terminate the current lease all we would have to do would be to accept the new lease.  After public comments were closed, this agenda item was tabled until the May 20, 2021, Regular Meeting, due to the Wednesday, April 21, 2021, meeting would be too early to get a revised agreement from the City attorney.

Mark McCord also spoke regarding this agenda item.  He remembers being at a 2016 Council meeting and wanted to know who drew up the lease, because it was a terrible lease. He stated that it was full of holes and was just curious if an attorney had drawn up the lease.  City Secretary stated that this lease agreement was the same lease since she had started working at the City since 1996.

He recommends that Mr. Stallcup write up several details on what he would like to see on this lease as well and submit it to the City Attorney.

Regular meeting closes and Public Hearings begin

Public hearing #1

4. The City of Seymour will hold a Public Hearing to discuss an application

request from Cody Holub, for a Specific Use Permit concerning multiple

lots that comprise a city block located in the S & D Subdivision of

Seymour comprised of 1.035 acres, located at 312 W. 12TH Street,

Seymour, Texas.

Lauren Bush, ED. Director stated that this was the first Public Hearing

regarding this Specific Use Permit. There is no discussion as a second and final

public hearing will need to take place.  Public Comments are allowed though.

She gave clarification as to where this property was located.

Charles Rose spoke during Public comments and stated that they were the best

neighbors he could have, and they have done some good work in cleaning up the

property. They have done nothing but improve the neighborhood. Giving them a

thumbs up.

Public Hearing #2

5. The City of Seymour will hold a Final Public Hearing to discuss an

application request from Jake Willden, for a Specific Use Permit,

concerning Lots 3-4, 3S and D Subdivision of Seymour comprised of 0.636

acres, located at 1100 N. Foley Street, in Seymour, Texas.

Lauren stated this was the second and final hearing, but at the moment he was

in Canada.

Charlie Rose requested to speak regarding this application request from Jake

Willden.  He stated that his comments had nothing to do with Jake personally,

but they were the worst neighbors anyone could ever have. He went on to

state they had no idea who was coming or going from the location with 10 or

more people staying there. They park all over the place and are in and out, and

I consider that a danger for all the children involved.  

There is trash everywhere and all on my fence, no one in this council dais would

allow this in their neighborhood. Nothing has been done in a year and a half.

No one else spoke on this agenda item.

Public hearings close and Regular Meeting resumes

6. Discuss, consider, and take action  to approve an application request

from Jake Willden, for a Specific Use Permit, concerning Lots 3-4, 3 S

and D Subdivision of Seymour comprised of 0.636 acres, located at 1100

N. Foley Street, in Seymour, Texas.     

Lauren spoke regarding this agenda item on the responses that were made by

neighboring citizens. 

Mary K. Fair stated that the Housing Authority saying yes to this request

meant nothing to her as they did not live there.

At this time Jake Willden spoke via telephone being that he was in Canada at

the time.  Mayor Jon Hrncirik asked him if he was granted this permit, what

could he do regarding the concerns Charlie Rose had ? He stated that they

could clean up again and make sure they were not making loud noises early in

the morning with the trucks. 

Council Fair stated to Jake that he had promised that last month and would

have it all cleaned up, and it had not been done.  

The determination was to use as a R-1 Single Family and Lauren asked they stay

on the topic.

Council Fair stated that the place had been out of compliance and Lauren

stated that is why this permit was being asked . 

Lauren also stated that the City Council needed to be aware of the time that

Jake Willden requested, and that was for 8 more months.  

Brian Broome asked if we did not agree to this permit, what was the

contingency plan.

Willden stated they did not have a plan and he would be breaking the

ease with them.   A concern was the road grader parked all over the place and

other vehicles. This discussion went on for a while so before a motion was made

he citizens spoke during public comments.

Paula Vaden asked if Jake had a property where he could park the vehicles

other than the current place they are at ? That could be an option if you are

going to give tickets for parking in your yard or grass, that is your right, Paula


Charlie Rose stated these violations have gone on for more than a year, with

promises to resolve this issue and nothing has been done. It is intolerable.

Not one person up here would allow this at their house, I have been polite

about it, I have talked to Council, went to the City Administrator several times

and nothing has changed.

Nancy Boone stated that first of all she could not believe how rude Council

Member Glass could be to other council members and inappropriate.

If the alley is blocked people cannot get through and it should not be. She

could not understand why people would be allowed to disturb a neighborhood

that was zoned for residential only.

Jake Willden stated he met with the City Administrator and told him exactly

what they were going to do and followed his direction at that time. He also

stated that in the 18 months he has been there, Mr. Rose has not once

contacted him regarding this issue. He would be willing to have them place the

vehicles at the property that was the old Brashers’s lot.

Lauren stated that there was only one permit that had been denied, which was

Ms. Varner, due to the permit process not being satisfied.

Charlie Rose stated that if Council were to grant this, there would be no

reason for any citizen to be in compliance.   He stated we should be fair with

everyone and it has not happened.

After all the discussion, a motion was entertained by Mayor Hrncirik.

Motion made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Council Member Lan Winn, to

allow this permit for Jake Willden and not to exceed past December 31, 2021

or when tenants vacate the premises.   Motion carried with 4 Yeas and 1 Nay

by Mary K. Fair.

7.  Discuss, consider, and take action on information received from Fire

Chief Kenneth Hons, on Seymour Volunteer Fire Department school training

& materials.

City Secretary asked that MPT Glass and Council Member Winn, abstain from

discussion and voting.  They understood.

Kenneth Hons stated that when their budget was done, he did not budget

for any materials or school training. He has several firemen in July that will

have expenses for hotel, gas, and food. The hotel room is $1640.00 for 6

firemen, 3 rooms for 5 nights.  $1350.00 for food for the 6 firemen for the

week and gas money.  A total of $3,190.00 was agreed upon.

Mayor Hrncirik asked if the SVFD had considered splitting the cost 50/50.

Chief Hons stated the money would be reimbursed. Hons stated that the City

always paid for these expenses that were to be held at College Station.

Council finished their discussion and Public Comments were accepted.

Charlie Rose stated that the Fire Department is part of the City . The City

covers all these expenses for all city employees.  This should be a no brainer,

due to the reimbursement in grants, plus its mandatory and gives us much

better firemen to handle all our situations and a safer environment to not get

someone killed or hurt.

Brian Broome stated that we need to get these firemen trained, the only

problem is were in the middle of the year and the budget has already been

spent or allocated.  Question was asked if they could move money from any

where on their budget, and Fire Chief stated he would look into the money that

remained in the Chassis line item and go talk to Finance Director, Mary Griffin.

Motion made by Council Member Brian Broome, second by Council Member

Brenda Miller, to help with training expenses for the 6 SVFD

to attend school in College Station with a total of $3,190.00. 

Motion carried with 3 Yeas  0 Nays and 2 abstained (Glass and Winn).

8. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding LCRA Contract for Electric

Department materials.

Kyle Ward, Electric Supervisor spoke regarding this agenda item.

Met with Allen Kunze, who uses Tech line, and he would like for the City of

Seymour Electric Department to use them as well.  Kyle asked that City Council  

give him a few more days to check out some prices with other companies to see

what fits and is best for his department.  Council agreed and no action was

taken at this time.

9. Discuss and take action to approve City of Seymour bills paid the month

of March 2021 in the total amount of $357,396.57.   

Council Member Mary K. Fair had questions regarding the bills paid in March.

She asked why was the City still paying a mowing contract?

LCRA bill for $88,950.00 was it going to be a monthly recurring expense?

Mayor Hrncirik stated she knew what that was, and she replied by asking if

Council did not think the public had a right to know.  

Mayor Hrncirik stated for her to speak because the City had nothing to hide.

MK Fair stated that the city got hit with a big utility bill due to the recent


Mayor stated that Council was planning to have a town hall meeting in May, but

nothing had been discussed yet. 

Mary K. Fair also commented on the $11, 886.00 for renovation

to the water tanks, which is the infrastructure fee on our city bills. This is

paid out monthly to the company for continued maintenance.

Mr. McCord asked if the $88k would be a recurring bill.   

Mayor explained that the City got hit with a million-dollar bill due to the

freeze. Our provider LCRA is allowing us to pay it out in monthly payments, but

the question is how are we going to re-coup that money?  We have 11 more

payments to go.  Mayor Hrncirik assured Mr. McCord that the electric rates

would not be effected and the rates would not be raised.

Nancy Boone asked that if our rates would not be touched, would it occur

 somewhere else on our bill for citizens to pay. This was not settled as more

information would be gathered.   

Council Member Brian Broome stated that we had Ancillary Fees because the

 power grid was so strained and no protection in our contract to protect us. 

Our town got hit with a million and other towns got hit with 5 million or more

extra than what they used.  Council Member Broome went on to say that in

February citizens paid only for the electricity they used. All these other fees

are what we and other towns will be dealing with due to the ice storm.

 Nancy Boone asked if the state was going to do anything to help and Broome

answered by saying it did not pass the Legislator.  LCRA is charging interest at

five and a quarter percent. Nothing has been determined as of yet, so a

meeting will be had at a later date.

Charlie Rose spoke and stated the City was not trying to do anything suspicious.

These were charges that were passed on to us. Everyone is trying to find a

way to pay for this. Watching the news, you learn that that was not even the

total bill and our utility bills did not go up except for the increase in our usage.

Charlie Rose stated that there are pluses for our MOU.  

Motion made by Brian Broome, seconded by MPT Monty Glass, to approve bills

as presented.  Motion carried with 4 Yeas and 1 Nay by Fair.

10. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding the City Pool and SFRC

Pool on opening dates and fees related to 2021 pool season.   

Mayor Hrncirik stated that he had conversations out in the public and their

comment was that they felt the $3.00 charge was a little steep. He passed the

information along to the council.

Lauren spoke regarding the pool and information she had received.  I informed

the Council that I would allow Todd and Lauren to take care of the pool this


Public Comments were made by Nancy Boone to half the pool price, instead of

making the big jump. 

Paula Vaden spoke about some kids going to the pool with nickels and dimes.

She thought that some Council members should or would consider dropping a

$20 to help them out and instead of making it pricey for them to go and enjoy

themselves. Give it back to the community.  It’s for the kids.

After reviewing the pool fees and operation hours it was decided that Splash

Day would occur on May 22, 2021. Students 18 and under will be charged $1.00.

Adults $3.00 and opening day will be May 22, 2021.

Motion by Council Member Brian Broome, seconded by MPT Monty Glass.

Motion carried 4 Yeas and 1 Nay by Winn.

11. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding bids received for the City

of Seymour  Mowing Contract (with spraying ) for the following city


(a.) Seymour Memorial City Park,  and the adjoining hill East of the park

grounds to the boundary of the hospital property.

(b.) The walking trail, including surrounding the Portwood Art & Civic Center.

(c.) The grounds surrounding the former Louis Johnson Auditorium to the

property line of said location.

(d.) The Sound Garden located directly North and adjacent to City Hall.

After hearing from Mr. Koulovatos, who had a bid in place , Mr. Jimmy Barker,

spoke with concerns regarding a bid  he had placed, which was erroneously

left out and not included in the bid process. City Council could not make a

decision at that time, and Council chose to table this agenda item and place it

on the May agenda and present a mowing bid spec sheet to review and restart

the bid process all over again.  

Motion made by Council Member Lan Winn, to table mowing bid, spraying

included, until the May meeting, and give everyone a chance to re-adjust and

allow Council to draw up a Spec Sheet to present.  Also, Council Member Winn

added that TNT Mowing Lawn Care’s contract (Todd Hrncirik) be extended for

one more month and allow him to mow the park. Second by Council Member

Brian Broome.  Motion carried with 4 Yeas and 1 Nay by Fair.  

12. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding bids received for the City

of Seymour Mowing Contract (without spraying) for the following city


(a.) Seymour Memorial City Park,  and the adjoining hill East of the park

grounds to the boundary of the hospital property.

(b.) The walking trail, including surrounding the Portwood Art & Civic Center.

(c.) The grounds surrounding the former Louis Johnson Auditorium to the

property line of said location.

(d.) The Sound Garden located directly North and adjacent to City Hall.

This agenda item was tabled as well until the May meeting.

Motion made by Council Member Brian Broome, seconded by MPT Monty Glass .

Motion carried 5 Yeas and 0 Nays

13. Discuss, consider, and give direction to City Secretary regarding A/C

Units at the Portwood Art & Civic Center, 800 E. Morris Street, Seymour,


Due to our AC Units going out at the Portwood and finding out they were the

 originals that were installed when the Portwood was built, City Council felt

that it was time to invest in some updated new ones.

Direction was given to City Secretary to call our local businesses and get

3quotes for installation of AC/Heating Units, so we could have the information

at the Wednesday, April 21, 2021.  If the quotes were to exceed $15,00.00

then we would need to go out for bids.  Mark McCord during Public Comments

asked for clarification that if the quotes did not exceed $15,000, then the

City would not need to go out for bids. That was correct.

14.  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding BINSWANGER GLASS

quote to replace front entrance glass doors at the Portwood Art & Civic

Center, in the amount of $4,894.22 .

Motion made by Council Member Lan Winn, seconded by MPT Monty Glass, to

accept Binswanger Glass Co. to replace front entrance doors.

Motion carried with 5 Yeas and 0 Nays.  

15.  Discuss, consider, and give direction to City Secretary regarding

Personnel Policy Manual additions as follows: 

a.  Volunteer for Vacation hours

b.  Daylight Savings Time hours for Street, Water/Sewer, Electric and

R.O. Departments.

c.  Safety Policy- Eyeglasses and Boots

Lauren Bush explained these items to Mayor Hrncirik and City Council.

This agenda item was tabled in order to place in the Personnel Policy

Manual and provide all information needed and then pass in the form of a

Resolution. . Motion made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Council Member

Mary K. Fair, to table until the May meeting. Motion carried with 5 Yeas and 0


16. Discuss, consider, and give Lauren Bush direction regarding

information received from Steve Moffitt, Schneider Engineering,

concerning outdated meter boxes.

Lauren had been given direction to find out how to handle customers with

old meter boxes.  An average household has 150 amps pushed through it. 

Older meter boxes are built with 100 amp and standard socket is fitted

for 200 amp.  Meter boxes will do a high temp alarm and shut power off

due to the box not being able to handle the amp pushed to it.

After reviewing information that Schneider Engineering gave as an opinion it

was determined that:

we can deny service if the meter is unable to handle the load

Check terms and conditions of the New Customer packets.

City is the governing authority over this issue as the electrical provider and it

is our duty to maintain safety at all times.

Have seen where some cities supply meter can to customers with the cost of an


Loy Studer, Robertson Electric opinion was:

That the Meter Base is more the problem than the entire meter

Standard service is a #2 which equals about 130 amps and should be

Sufficient to run most homes in Seymour.

Estimate that a base replacement would run customer about $200, but that

can and will vary per location.

Regular meeting closes and Executive Session begins at 10:28 p.m.

17.  An Executive Session (closed to the public) pursuant to Chapter

551.002 Texas Local Government Code, under Section 551.074 -Personnel

Reviewing City Administrator Applications.

Executive Session closes and Regular meeting resumes 11:10 p.m.

18.  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding deliberation from

Executive Session.

City Secretary Conchita Torrez was given direction to call the 5 City

Administrator Applicants and set up an interview either on Tuesday, May 4,

2021 or Thursday, May 6, 2021.

19. Adjournment of meeting

MPT Monty Glass made a motion, seconded by Council  Member Brenda

Miller, to close meeting at 11:14 p.m.

Passed and Approved on June 17, 2021.

/s/ Mayor Jon Hrncirik


/s/ City Secretary Conchita Torrez, TRMC