April 28, 2022 – City Council Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2022


MEETING AGENDA                                                                         

APRIL 28, 2022

Regular City Council Meeting, Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 7:00 P.M. at the Portwood Art & Civic Center, 800 E. Morris Street, Seymour, Texas, 76380. All notices have been duly posted in accordance and conformance with the Government Code of the State of Texas, Section 551.002(c). The City of Seymour attempts to make its meetings accessible to all of its citizens. If you have need of auxiliary aids, please notify the ADA Coordinator at 889-3148, at least 48 hours in advance. The following agenda will be considered:

1.  Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik

MPT Monty Glass, Councilman Lan Winn, Councilman Les Hons, City Administrator Dr. Jeff Brasher, Recording Secretary/Economic Development Director Lauren Bush, Water Department Supervisor Robert Torrez, Reverse Osmosis Plant Manager John Davis, City Secretary Conchita Torrez

2.  Council Member to lead Prayer 

Prayer led by Councilman Lan Winn

3.  Mayor or MPT Announcements

Announcements:  Erly voting begins tomorrow through may 3rd for the school bond and city council place #2 and other state issues or you can vote Saturday May 7th.  Covid numbers are at 0.  May 3rd at 7pm, there will be a city councilman candidates Q&A at the portwood and on KSEY.  The SVFD has their annual rib feed, May 1st at the cliff styles activity center from 11am to 1pm. 

4.  City Administrator Reports

                  (a)  Employee list & SFRC Golf totals

109 members at the golf course and we hired a new employees for greenskeeper and pro shop along with PT summer help and we are working on lifeguards to have full staff at the pools.  Splash day date could be moved. 

House revitalization meeting May 24th at the Portwood. 

June 1st new trash service begins with Waste Connections

June 11th will be our fishing tournament from 9am to 12pm and Waste Connections will be providing hot dogs and hamburgers along with $700 donation for the event.

Job openings:  lifeguards, 2 police officers, water department technician

Rabies Clinic June 24th at the Portwood.

MPT Monty Glass:  A rattlesnake was spotted on the road moving towards the park so the public is encouraged to be on the look out.

                  (b)  Supervisor Written Reports

                  (c)  City Events & Open Houses

                  (d)  Job Openings

                  (e)  Rabies Clinic -June 17th & 24th , 4:00-6:00 pm, at the Portwood Pavilion.

                  (f)  Community Housing Revitalization Involvement Discussion       

                  on April 21, 2022

5.  Citizen Comments

Mary Kay Fair:  Wishes that the city would invest in a notification system, like the trash pickup day was changed and she did not see it on Facebook until after the notice.  Flock Notes or another text options that allows for those who do not use Facebook or that may miss it.

Jeff Brasher:  We also had that out on KSEY, but we realize that we don’t always get notice out to everyone immediately.

6.  City Administrator Dr. Jeffrey L. Brasher, E.d. D., recognizing Robert Torrez with proclamation from Mayor, Jon Hrncirik

Robert Torrez retiring after 25 years of service from the Water/Wastewater Supervisor position.

7.  Public Hearings

(a)  Last Public Hearing in regard to Manufactured Housing.

Lauren Bush:  Request to the Council to consider a Manufactured Housing overlay for the East side of town, beginning at Main St, that would allow for Manufactured housing within the 5 year manufacture date to be placed without a specific use permit.  Cons:  There is no way to really monitor the house placements as we do not issue Occupancy Permits.  The policing of this will be difficult.  Pros:  Encouraging new housing on the East Side of town.  Other Options:  To allow it throughout the community, not just on the East Side.  Currently:  We allow for Manufactured housing with a Specific Use permit throughout the community, but that permit is REQUIRED.  The reason why the council was asked to consider this change is due to the last 3 requests I have had concerning Manufactured Housing placement has been for properties located East of Main Street.

(b)  First Public Hearing in regard to the current City of Seymour Ordinance, 99-08, Chapter 11, Article 11.107, Burning of Garbage.

Lauren Bush:  The original has only one restriction and the language for applying a fine.  All information was placed on the website accept for item C which was then read to the public.

(c)  First Public Hearing in regard to the current Seymour Volunteer Fire Department Fire Ordinance, 2020-17, Chapter 5, Article 5.100.

Lauren Bush:  This was requested by Chief Hons concerning the Fire Marshall.  As it was written, it was not accurate about appointing a Fire Marshall so additional language was added to correct it.

(d)  Second and final Public Hearing in regard to Water and Transfer Station Rates for the City of Seymour.

Mary Kay Fair:  Wondering why the city is going to begin charging the citizens to use the transfer station for small loads, even though the dollar amount is small.

Jeff Brasher:  We never want to increase anything, but to maintain the integrity of our budget the costs have to be shared and equitable for everyone. 

Mary Kay Fair:  But they are not picking up the brush…

Jeff Brasher:  No, but the cost of disposal of the brush is very costly.

(e)  Second and final Public Hearing in regard to City of Seymour Garbage Rates for Commercial and Residential. 

Lauren Bush:  All of this information has been placed on the website.

8.  Consent Agenda

                  (a.)  Approve March 24, 2022, Regular Meeting Minutes

(b.)  Approve City of Seymour A/P Bills paid the month of March 2022. 

                  (c.)  Financial Reports

                  (d.)  Approve Engagement Letter with auditor, Eide Bailly

Jeff Brasher:  We are very close to have the audits caught up.

Motion:  To accept the consent agenda as presented
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Les Hons

9.  Action Items

(a)  Discuss, consider adoption of an Ordinance 2022-06 authorizing the issuance and sale of City of Seymour, Texas Combination Tax and Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2022 as presented by Mark Deraney, AMKO Advisors

Discussion:  Jeff Brasher – We are exploring ways to generate & save money for the City of Seymour.  Even saving $30-$40,000 is enough for your consideration.

Mark Deraney – Water Works revenue bond for about $1.9 Million in 1999 and the interest rate was 4.5%.  We believe we can reduce your payment by getting a lower rate.  We looked into the market and found one for 3.5% which would save you just under $50,000.00.  We try to keep you annualized payment the same that it is now.  The engagement letter with DA Davidson is in the signing packet.  The cost to their firm for process is also built in as is AMKO Advisors.

Jeff Brasher:  This is no cost to the city, our payment will remain the same which is about $1Million a year, but our pay off will happen faster.  We can refinance again the rates are really good, but otherwise this will hold for 9 years.

Motion:  Motion to adopt the ordinance
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Lan Winn
Carries:  3-0

(b)  Discuss, consider, and take action to renew the Beautification Plan, Operation Beautification 2022-2024 with revisions as presented

Lauren Bush:  This was originally adopted in 2020 through 2022 so it’s time to change, update, and renew.  Included are the goals, why we did or did not achieve them and the suggestions on what to do moving forward.  So if you accept this as presented then the suggestions will be converted into action items and the plan will move forward.  If you want changes made then please say so in your motion.

Lan Winn:  Are we still over the esplanades?

Lauren Bush:  Yes sir.  It is discussed in initiative #2.  Suggestions are to budget it, not cut it, consider a contractor, or come to a solution like zero-scaping.  Various organizations have maintained it over the years but are not currently.

Les Hons:  We should consider budgeting that.  When I worked for the street department, we put those esplanades in and we worked hard to make those look nice.  And the street department maintained it at that time, but we had 10 employees back then.

Motion:  To renew the Beautification Plan for 2022-2024
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Lan Winn
Carries:  3-0

(c)  Discuss, consider, and take action to update the demolition policy

Jeff Brasher:  Some changes were made due to our new trash contractor.

Motion:  To update the demolition policy
Made By:  Les Hons
Second:  Lan Winn
Carries:  3-0

(d)  Discuss, consider, and take action to approve Resolution 1525 authorizing the application for financial assistance from the Texas Department of Transportation for the Airport Participation Agreement Program concerning the Airport Lighting Project

Jeff Brasher:  There is a huge need for lighting upgrade, but there is $115,000 that will have to be budgeted to cover our 10% costs. 

Jon Hrncirik:  Include LED lights and a collapsible beacon tower.  And this is a safety issue for care flights, etc…

Les Hons:  I agree

Motion:  To approve resolution 1525
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Les Hons
Carries:  3-0

(e)  Discuss, consider, and take action to accept the Seymour Municipal Airport Hanger Contract for Non-Based Commercial Customers

Jon Hrncirk:  $100/day not to exceed $600/mo

Jeff Brasher:  The Airport board agreed that Commercial users without a hanger would have this charge.

Monty Glass:  How are we going to know that people are using it?

Jeff Brasher:  Well we have some watch dogs keeping tabs on that and we will have signs posted.

Motion:  To approve the Seymour Municipal Airport Hanger Contract for Non-Based Commercial Customers
Made By:  Les Hons
Second:  Monty Glass
Carries:  3-0

(f)  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding sale of two pumper Fire Department trucks.  Descriptions being :Baylor 5 “79” Model and Baylor 2 “97” Model truck.

Jeff Brasher:  1979 Model $3,200 and the 1997 Model $22,000.  Throckmorton bought the 1997 and wish to assist when needed with that truck.

Motion:  To accept the bids for the pumpers for the prices indicated, $22,000 for the 1997 Model and $3,200 for the 1979 Model
Made By:  Les Hons
Second:  Monty Glass
Carries:  3-0

(g)  Discuss, consider, and give direction to City Administrator concerning the Boom Truck & Forklift

Jeff Brasher:  We got a bid on the Toyota and not on the Yell forklift.  The Boomtruck only had one bid.  Still have not received the title for the Boomtruck.  Need direction on what to do next.

Les Hons:  We need to try to get the title for the Boomtruck. 

Jon Hrncirik:  I would like to give Glenn’s Welding an opportunity to bid on the Boomtruck.  And he stated that the truck would stay in Baylor County and be used for the community.

Jeff Brasher:  Do you want me to adjust the price on the Yell forklift from $6,500 to a lesser amount.  We sold the other one for $4,000.  We did have them appraised and that’s where we got the beginning prices from.  We could start at $1,000 and see where it goes.  We had a bid on the Boomtruck for $15,000.

Lauren Bush:  Just to clarify, are you saying you are going to reopen the bid process for the next 30 days?

Mary Kay Fair:  What Lauren said was true, but you cannot accept a bid after the closing date and so you will have to start all over of the bid process to avoid being in a bad position for the City.

Motion:  To table the Boomtruck and the Yell Forklift, reopen the bid process for another 30 days, starting at a minimum bid on the Boomtruck at $15,000 and $4,000 on the Yell forklift.
Made By:  Lan Winn
Second:  Monty Glass
Carries:  3-0

(h)  Discuss, consider and give direction concerning road closing request submitted by Shelby Correale concerning W McLain Street

Lauren Bush:  As you can see the portion of Mclain that they are requesting to be closed is the undeveloped portion of McLain Street.  Mr. Hayley had already fenced in a portion of this road before his death because it was not noticeably a road.  The request is for you to agree for us to begin the process to close & abandoned to the property owners.  If you approve to move forward then we will do an MOC and the departments will sign off on their review of the area.

Motion:  To move forward with the process
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Les Hons
*Councilman Lan Winn ABSTAINS
Carries:  2-0

(i)  Discuss, consider, and take action concerning the 2022 City Pool season and lifeguard applications received

Jeff Brasher:  We have not received the number of applicants that we were hoping for and some of them are 5 so we are making sure that we handle that correctly, but we may need to push back the opening date, hours of operation, and even days that we are open to ensure we have enough lifeguards are duty.  12-14 lifeguards is optimal.

Les Hons:  All we can do is adjust our hours to make it work. 

Jeff Brasher:  We could find ourselves where some kids are sick and off to camp and we may not be able to open the pool.

Lauren Bush:  I advise we push splash day back no matter what.

Paula Vaden:  Are there any returning lifeguards?  (Yes)  It is really important for us to have this pool for our community.  Maybe try and get kids from Benjamin.

Motion:  No Action
Made By: 

(j)  Discuss, consider, and take action concerning Ordinance 2022-03 RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL BASE RATES AND CONSUMPTION RATES FOR WATER , SEWER, AND GARBAGE

Lauren Bush:  This will include all the charges and transfer station so there will not be 2 separate ordinances any longer.

Jon Hrncirik:  I do not agree with bagged trash to be free.

Monty Glass:  The previous issue is that our bagged trash was not being picked up.  Now it will be so I don’t think keeping this free is important.

Merle with Waste Connections:  City of Bowie $26 minimum charge.  Wichita Falls pays for their transfer stations pay for theirs with property tax.  The way you are doing it is efficient. 

Mary Kay Fair had to be told not to speak out during the meeting by the Mayor.

Jon Hrncirik:  I think bagged trash needs to be atleast $5

Lan Winn:  I think it needs to be $5 to $10 dollars

Les Hons:  My concern is the water rates.  The base rate and per 1000 gallon increase is going to discourage people from watering their yard. 

Lauren Bush:  The increase is water rates is due to the acid cost at the R.O Plant and the increase in the base rate is to cover the meter costs.

Jeff Brasher:  Make modifications and clarifications in your motion please.

Lauren Bush:  The ordinance does include outside city limits residents and allows them to use the transfer station AS LONG AS they have an active city account with us.  It costs the same as the inside city limits residents rate for garbage services, and then they are treated just as a regular resident and charge based off the pricing schedule.  Also includes a tarp fee and a $40 fee for a one time dump fee for those without an account but they are only allowed to do it once. 

Motion:  To take action on ordinance 2022-03 and take FREE off of bagged trash and charge $5 instead.
Made By:  Lan Winn
Second:  Monty Glass
Carries:  3-0

(k)  Discuss, consider, and take action to repeal in its entirety Ordinance 2018-11 REFERRING TO TRANSFER STATION FEES

Motion:  To repeal ordinance 2018-11
Made By:  Les Hons
Second:  Monty Glass
Carries:  3-0

(l) Discuss, Consider, and take action concerning Ordinance 2022-04 FIRE PROTECTION

Lauren Bush:  This is to adjust the sentence that states we can only appoint the fire chief as fire marshall if he/she has the certifications to hold that office.

Motion:  To approve ordinance 2022-04 Fire Protection
Made By:  Les Hons
Second:  Lan Winn
Carries:  3-0

(m)  Discuss, consider, and take action concerning Ordinance 2022-05 BURNING OF GARBAGE

Lauren Bush:  This should read 4×4 ft size of limb piles instead of 6×6 foot

Motion:  To approve Ordinance 2022-05 Burning of Garbage with the exception of D under section B to change the limb size from 6×6 foot square to 4×4 foot square
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Les Hons
Carries:  3-0

11.  Executive Session(s)

(a)  An Executive Session, closed to the Public and pursuant to Chapter 551

of the Texas Local Government Code under section § 551.071 Consultation with the Attorney; Baylor Water Supply Corporation Agreement.

(b)  An Executive Session, closed to the Public and pursuant to Chapter 551

of the Texas Local Government Code under section § 551.074 Personnel Matters

  • Water/Wastewater Supervisor
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant Supervisor

12.  Action Items regarding Executive Session(s)

(a)  Discuss, and take action regarding Executive Session: pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Texas Local Government Code under section § 551.071 Consultation with the Attorney; Baylor Water Supply Corporation Agreement.

Motion:  No Action

(b)  Discuss, and take action regarding Executive Session: pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Texas Local Government Code under section § 551.074 Personnel Matters regarding the Water/Wastewater Supervisor position.

Motion:  No Action

13.  Adjournment of meeting

Motion:  To adjourn
Made By:  Monty Glass
Second:  Lan Winn
Carries:  3-0

 Note: The Council reserves the right to vote/or to act in open session upon each of the items listed in this agenda.

Mayor Jon Hrncirik


Recording Secretary, Lauren Bush