December 13, 2018 – City Council Meeting Minutes

Jan 22, 2019

City of Seymour City Council
Special Called Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2018

A Special Called City Council Meeting was held on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 12 Noon, at City Hall, Conference Room, 301 N. Washington Street in Seymour, Texas.

Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by MPT Jon Hrncirik

Council present: MPT Jon Hrncirik, Les Hons, Paula K. Vaden, Mary K. Fair and Monty Glass.

City Staff present: City Secretary Conchita Torrez and Economic Development Director Lauren Bush.

Guest: Jim Martin, Tabatha Lane, Jeff Truhn and County Attorney Cody Robinette.

At this time MPT Hrncirik stated that he would like to discuss agenda item #2 first , so that County Attorney Cody Robinette have time to resume his scheduled appointments.

2.) Discuss, consider and take action regarding Agreement for the Assessment and Collection of Taxes, between the City of Seymour and Baylor County Appraisal District.

Cody Robinette stated that the Baylor Co. Collection Agreement was in much need of an update. He worked on the agreement and had presented it to the County earlier in the week.

Motion made by Council member Monty Glass, second by Council member Paula K. Vaden. Motion passes unanimously.

1.) Discuss, consider and approve an application from Tabatha Lane, regarding a variance for the Subdivision of Lot 3, Block T, of the Miller Addition, comprised of .482 acres, located at 508 S. Oak Street.

A very lengthy discussion was held by Council members, Jim Martin and Tabatha Lane regarding the Tiny House application.

MPT Hrncirik stated that there were pros and cons to this request and after much discussion, a motion was entertained.

Motion made by Council member Paula K. Vaden, second by Council member Mary K. Fair, to accept the Tiny House application. Vote regarding this agenda was two for and two against by Council member Les Hons and Monty Glass.
Due to a tie in the vote, MPT Jon Hrncirik broke the tie by voting against the application.
Therefore, the nays ruled.

3. Adjournment by Council member Les Hons, second by Council member Monty Glass to close meeting at 1:23 p.m. Motion passes unanimously.


Mayor Pro-Tem Jon Hrncirik


City Secretary, Conchita Torrez, TRMC