July 15, 2019 – Public Hearing Announcement

Jul 11, 2019


Mayor Jon Hrncirik


    CITY COUNCIL                                                                                                  City Administrator

MPT Monty Glass                                                                                             Steve Biedermann

Lan Winn                                                                                                            City Secretary    

Brian Broome                                                                                                  Conchita Torrez, TRMC

Paula K. Vaden                                                                                                 Finance Director

Mary K. Fair                                                                                                      Mary Griffin


                        PUBLIC NOTICE OF OPEN MEETING


Notice is hereby given of a Special meeting of the City Council of Seymour, to be held on  Monday, July 15, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.  at the Portwood Arts and Civic Center, 800 E. Morris, Seymour, TX  76380. All notices have been duly posted in accordance and conformance with the Government Code of the State of Texas, Section 551.002(c). The City of Seymour attempts to make its meetings accessible to all of its citizens. If you have need of auxiliary aids, please notify the City Secretary’s Office at 940.889.3148, by fax 940.889.8882, or by email at ctorrez@seymourold.cwdev. ,at least 48 hours in advance. This agenda is posted on the city’s website at www.seymourold.cwdev


Call to Order/ Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik


Regular meeting closes and Public hearing will begin


Second and final public hearing regarding Electric Rates


  1. The Second and final Public Hearing of the City of Seymour, regarding Electric

rates, provided by the City of Seymour.


Public hearing closes and Regular meeting resumes


  1. Discuss, consider and take action to approve the City Council Code of Conduct.


  1. Discuss, consider and take action regarding the finalization of Shooting Range



  1. Discuss, consider and take action regarding tree trimming bid received from

LCRA, for the cost of $79,786.56.


  1. Discuss, consider and take action regarding FundView software.


  1. Adjournment


Note: The Council reserves the right to vote/or to act in open session upon each of

the items listed in this agenda.


I, the undersigned authority, does hereby certify that this Notice of the Meeting was posted on the bulletin board at City Hall, 301 N. Washington Street, Seymour, Texas, a place of convenience and readily accessible to the general public at all times, and said Notice was posted on the following date and time: July 10, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. and remained so posted continuously for at least 72 hours before said meeting was convened.



Conchita Torrez, City Secretary -TRMC