March 24, 2022 – City Council Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2022




A Regular City Council Meeting to be held Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 7:00 p.m., at Portwood Art & Civic Center, 800 E. Morris Street, Seymour, Texas 76380.  Notices have been duly posted in accordance and conformance with the Government Code of the State of Texas, Section 551.002(c). The City of Seymour attempts to make its meetings accessible to all  citizens. If you have need of auxiliary aids, please notify the ADA Coordinator at 940-889-3148, at least 48 hours in advance.  The following will be considered:

1Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik

2Council Member to lead Prayer 

Led by Les Hons

3Mayor or MPT Announcements

4City Administrator Reports

                   (a.) Employee list & SFRC Golf totals

                   (b.) Supervisor Written Reports

                   (c.) Clean Up Week

                    (d.) Open House

                    (e.)  Job Openings

                    (f.)  Rabies Clinic -June 17th & 24th , 4:00-6:00 p.m, at the

                          Portwood Pavilion.

                   (g.)  Community Housing Revitalization Involvement

                           Discussion on April 21, 2022

5.   Citizen Comments


6.  City Administrator Dr. Jeffrey L. Brasher, E.d. D., recognizing Miller Auction as Partnership of the Month.

Dr. Brasher recognized and thanked Brenda & Royce Miller with Miller Auctions for the partnership with the Auction at the Old High School cafeteria in which the city made about $7,000 from that event.

7.  Hear Presentation from Mr. Tanner Ogden regarding Water Consumption System.

Presentation concerning SitePro SCADA, a no-code company, related to the water wells and Reverse Osmosis Plant, managing water, levels, and RO Plant operations.

8.    Public Hearings

     (a.)  First Public Hearing in regard to Manufactured Housing.

Mark McCord – Request that the City Council consider making the overlay city-wide instead of just pertaining to the east side.

Mary Kay Fair – Would like more info placed on the website concerning this Manufactured Housing zoning ordinances and how this one specifically would be written.  Would like this information given in advance of Council Meetings and Public Hearings.  Concerned there would be no real control of actions.

     (b.) First Public Hearing in regard to City of Seymour Garbage

            Rates for Commercial and Residential. 

Jeff Brasher – Noted that there is a gas surcharge.  No outside city limits customers so commercial rates were increased to counter act that.  Broken out in year 1 and 2 so that you can see the increase.

Lauren Bush – Increased commercial mark up to off-set revenue lost from outside residential lost.  With commercial increase we ended up with about $12,000 increase in profit.  Our transfer station cost increase is $13,000 so, though it’s not a 100% cover, it’s really close.

Mark McCord – Asked what the price to the public would be.

Answered by Jeff Brasher – $26.00 the first year and an additional increase in year two.

Mary Kay Fair – What would the cost for year two be?

Answered by Jeff Brasher – $30.00 the second year

Mary Kay Fair – Will there be a transfer station increase?

Answered by Jeff Brasher – That item in discussed later in the Agenda

Garfield McIntyre – Stated he had lived here for 7 years, moved here from California.  Wanted to know if the transfer station fees would increase?  Stated he had problems with trash not being picked up at his residence.  Asked if residents could get more than one cart.

Answered by Jeff Brasher – What we are suggesting is to continue to allow residents to take bagged household trash to the transfer station without charge. And you can order additional polycarts.

Answered by Lauren Bush – Yes, residents may request an additional cart.  That fee, first year, would be $33/mo.

Cory Glassburn, Waste Connections – Thanked the City of Seymour employees for all the hard work related to the contract.  Stated that Waste Connections would not “skip any cans”.

     (c.) Second and Final Public Hearing in regard to Zoning

           Ordinance, adding fee information to Section B. Conditions and

           Guarantees and to Appendix A Fee Schedule, Article 1.000, 

           Section 1.200 Permit Fee.

Mary Kay Fair – Asked why the permit fee was only being passed for Specific Use permits and not for all permit requests made to the city?

Answered by Lauren Bush – This is the most requested permit, but recognized the good suggestion that we apply permit fee to all permits.

     (d.) Second and Final Public Hearing to repeal Ord. No. 2021-15,

            by adding (F.) After hours Turn off/on water fees and raising rate

            from $15.00 to $35.00.

No Comments

9.       Consent Agenda

        (a.) Approve February 17, 2022, Regular Meeting Minute

        (b.) Discuss, and take action regarding City of Seymour A/P

               Bills paid the month of February, 2022. 

        (c.) Financial Reports

       (d.) Approve Resolution No. 1522, Fair Housing Month, 2022.

         (e.)  Approve Resolution No. 1523, Strategic Economic Efforts

                agreement for administration services for 2022-2023 project.

         (f.)  Approve Resolution No. 1524, allowing City of Seymour to apply

                for a Solid Waste Grant through Nortex. 

Motion to APPROVE made by Monty Glass

SECOND by Les Hons

ALL IN FAVOR – Passed 3-0

   10.     Action Items

      (a.) Discuss, consider, and take action to approve request from

             James and Kim Johnson, for Specific Use Permit, Tiny Houses

             located at 511 N. Stratton, and 302 N. Tackitt street.

Motion to APPROVE made by Lan Winn
SECOND by Monty Glass
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 2-1

2 Yay – Monty Glass, Lan Winn
1 Nay – Les Hons

      (b.) Discuss, consider, and take action to approve Ordinance No.

             2022- 01, repealing Zoning Ordinance, adding a Specific

            Use Permit Fee of $200.00, to be paid by requestor.

Motion to APPROVE made by Monty Glass
SECOND by Lan Winn
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

     (c.)  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding Easter Sunday at

           the Seymour Memorial Park, at the request of Harvest

           Christian Fellowship Church.

Les Hons asked if our insurance covered horse riding within the park. 

No one was 100% sure of that answer.  Dr. Brasher said he would follow up on discovering that info.

Motion to APPROVE made by Les Hons
SECOND by Monty Glass
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

    (d.)  Discuss, consider, and take action the approval of the contract

             with Waste Connections as the City’s waste disposal contractor.

Monty Glass asked about Outside City Limits Residents that will not be served by the City of Seymour and how we would be handling that switchover.  Cory Glassburn and Lauren Bush commented that they had discussed this and will provide a list to Waste Connections and go about notifying those residents about the change and how to contact Waste Connections for service directly.

Motion to APPROVE made by Monty Glass
SECOND by Les Hons
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

    (e.)  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding sale of two

           pumper Fire Department trucks.  Descriptions being :

           Baylor 5 “79” Model and Baylor 2 “97” Model truck.     

Chief Kenneth Hons spoke to this stating that the City of Munday had offered $15,000 for the 97 Pumper Truck.  The 79 Pumper Truck is not in any condition to be used as a fire truck, but is still functional as a vehicle. Les Hons suggested a minimum bid of $5,000 for the 79 Truck.  The 97 Pumper Truck will be sold with no hose or additional equipment.

SECOND by Lan Winn
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

    (f.)  Discuss and approve the Certification of Unopposed Candidates for

           the General Election, scheduled for May 7, 2022 for Council Place 1

           and Council Place 5.

Motion to APPROVE made by Les Hons
SECOND by Monty Glass
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

       (g.) Discuss and approve the Order of Cancellation for the General

           Election, scheduled for May 7, 2022.

Motion to APPROVE made by Monty Glass
SECOND by Lan Winn
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

    (h.) Discuss and take action by giving direction to City Administrator

           Dr. Jeff Brasher, to proceed with water and sanitation rates and

           publishing Public Hearings as required by Law.

Jeff Brasher – Due to inflation, we are projecting to spend an additional $80,000, we are seeking council direction.  Also there was an unbudgeted meter fee of $25,000 that needs to be recovered.  However, all revenues can cannot be captured for this fiscal year, but can be in the coming year.

Concerning the transfer station, the rate sheet has been adjusted, made simpler, and fair to all citizens.  This rate increase will help us to cover costs.

Les Hons – This does not pertain to household garbage?  Concerned that residents will not want to pay so there will be illegal dumping.  And then people may hold their trash back for clean up and make work harder on employees.

Jeff Brasher – No, the household bagged trash is still free.  All other price changes are pertaining to “loads”.  Rates will have to increase somewhere to cover costs and keep a balanced budget.  Inflation and increase cost make increase in pricing inevitable.  Public Hearings would allow for the public to give us feedback and possibly improve this suggestion.  And because we are unable to do weight tickets at the site, we are charging by the load.  We can place all this information on the website and out on facebook.

Lauren Bush – Requested that even if the rates were not approved for changing, if the council will consider stream lining the categories.  Structure tear downs would require a weight ticket just like shingles.  Otherwise you must have a utility account for outside city limits users.

Mark McCord – Will you start charging per trailer load per size of the trailer?  Weight tickets eventually?  Would like a public hearing, but with numbers for the citizens.

SECOND by Monty Glass
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

   (i.)    Discuss, consider and take action to enter into a contract with Texas

           Communities Group.

Jeff Brasher – Partnership allows for Texas Communities Group to help us with estate properties to process, sell, and place them back on the tax roll by marketing and taking electronic bids.  These bids will be seen by the appraisal board and selected by them.  Profits from the sale of these properties, not to exceed $2,500 per property, will then be placed into a clean-up fund within the city to assist with blight removal. $2,000 fee for a year’s contract.

Les Hons – The $2,500 that we are keeping going to be enough to mow, board up houses, and clean up.

Jeff Brasher – It will be a step in the right direction as we do not have a revenue stream to cover the cost of clean-up at this time.

Mary Kay Fair – Stated that the council has heard from this group twice before.  She believes they are a good company for the city to partner with and cited many other cities that have partnered with them.  Suggests that Texas Communities Group present to council again. 

SECOND by Monty Glass
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

11.       Adjournment of meeting

Motion to ADJOURN made by Monty Glass
SECOND by Les Hons
Motion to APPROVE, Passes 3-0

 Note: The Council reserves the right to vote/or to act in open session upon each of the items listed in this agenda.

I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify the above notice of the meeting of the City Council of the City of Seymour,

Texas is a true and correct copy of the said notice that I posted on the official posting place (s) at Seymour City

Hall, 301 N. Washington Street, Seymour, Texas a place of convenience and readily accessible to the general public at all

times, and said notice posted this Monday, 21, 2022  at 3:00 p.m., at least 72 hours precedes the meeting time.


City Secretary, Conchita Torrez, TRMC