March 29, 2018 – City Council Special Called Meeting Mintues

Apr 23, 2018



MARCH 29, 2018


A Special Called Meeting of Seymour City Council was held on Thursday, March 29, 2018, at 12 Noon, 301 N. Washington Street, Conference Room, Seymour, Texas 76380.


Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Josh Sosolik at 12:02 p.m.


Council present:  Mayor Josh Sosolik, Les Hons, Paula K. Vaden, Mary K. Fair, MPT Jon Hrncirik and Monty Glass.


Counsel absent: City Attorney Jonathan Whitsitt was absent at this meeting.


City Staff present:  City Administrator Steve Biedermann and City Secretary Conchita Torrez.


Guest: No guest present at this meeting.


  1. Discuss, consider and take action regarding previous bid on Salt Fork River Estates Concrete project.


City Administrator gave an update report to the Mayor and City Council.  Tomas Concrete Construction had been awarded the concrete bid for SFREC at the Regular City Council meeting in December, 2017.  Mr. Tomas has failed to comply with City of Seymour Bond requirements. Council felt he had been given appropriate time to get the necessary paperwork to the City, therefore, City Administrator Biedermann gave options to City Council regarding this matter.  Biedermann could call DO IT ALL BATES and see if he was still interested in performing this job, as he was one of the previous bidders or go out for new bids all together.


Motion made by Council member Les Hons, second by Council member Monty Glass, to allow Mr. Biedermann to contact DO IT ALL BATES and ask if he would be interested in taking the job for the previous amount of $25,00.00.  In the event Mr. Bates refuses the job, City Administrator was given direction to go out for re-bids.  Motion passes unanimously.


  1. Discuss and hear update from City Administrator Steve Biedermann, regarding resolution presented to the City of Seymour by SISD.


City Administrator presented information to Mayor and City Council to review regarding the SISD.  A contract had been drawn up by SISD Attorney for their review.

No action was taken as this was an update.  Mayor Sosolik moved on to the next item on the agenda.


  1. Discuss and take action regarding resolution authorizing the donation of real property; described as 409 W. Idaho Street, also known as the Louis Johnson Memorial Auditorium, legal description, Morris Addition, Block 20, Lots 1-12.


After reviewing the contract at hand from SISD, City Council had questions that they wanted more clarification, no action was taken on this agenda item.


  1. Adjournment was made at 12:39 p.m., by MPT Hrncirik and a second received by Council member Monty Glass to close meeting. Motion passes unanimously.




Mayor Josh Sosolik




City Secretary Conchita Torrez