May 12, 2020 – Special Called Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2020

                                               SPECIAL CALLED MEETING

MAY 12, 2020

A Special City Council Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., at the Seymour Auditorium, 301 N. Washington Street, Seymour, Texas 76380.

Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik at 6:00 p.m.

Council presentt: Mayor Jon Hrncirik, MPT Monty Glass, Council members Lan Winn, Mary K. Fair, Brian Broome and Brenda Miller.

Counsel present: Jonathan Whitsitt, City Attorney

City Staff present: City Administrator Steve Biedermann, City Secretary Conchita Torrez and ED Director Lauren Bush

Guest: Royce Woods, Matt Gwinn, Misti, Anastasia, Garrett, Lan and Logan Broome

1.Statement of Elected Officer administered to the following Unopposed Candidates for a Two-Year Term by Mayor Jon Hrncirik : LAN WINN, COUNCIL PLACE 1, BRIAN BROOME, COUNCIL PLACE 3  and MONTY GLASS, COUNCIL PLACE 5

      The City of Seymour cancelled their City Election due to Uncontested   

    Candidates. Mayor Jon Hrncirik begin the process by administering the

    Statement of Elected Officer to Incumbents: Lan Winn, Brian Broome and

    Monty Glass.    

    2.Oath of Office administered to the following Unopposed Candidates for

    a Two -Year Term by Mayor Jon Hrncirik: Lan Winn, Council Place 1,

   Brian Broome, Council Place 3 and Monty Glass, Council Place 5.           

3. Discuss and Appoint a Mayor Pro-Tem for a One Year term and

administer the Oath of Office.

Each year following the election or the cancellation of an election, a

Mayor Pro-Tem is appointed for a one year term.  In the event the

current Mayor cannot resume his duties, the Mayor Pro-Tem will be

appointed as Mayor, until the following election in May.

Motion made by Council member Mary K. Fair, second by Council

member Lan Winn, to appoint Monty Glass as Mayor Pro-Tem

for 2020-2021.

Motion passed with 4 ayes.  Monty Glass abstained from vote

At this time Mayor Hrncirik called for a 5 minute recess.

A motion was made by MPT Monty Glass, second by Council member

Brian Broome, to close regular meeting and allow the Executive

Session to begin. Motion passed unanimously.

An Executive Session (closed to the public) and pursuant to Chapter

551 of the Texas Local Government Code ยง551.071- Consultation with

City Attorney; Regarding case with Tri-County.

Executive Session closes and Regular meeting resumes at 7:15 p.m.

5. Discuss and take action regarding deliberations discussed from

executive session.

6.  Adjournment by MPT Monty Glass, second by Council member Brian

Broome at 7:17 p.m.

Passed and Approved on this the 18 day of June, 2020.

Mayor Jon Hrncirik


Suzanne Shumate, Recording Secretary