November 2, 2020 – Special Called Meeting Minutes

Jan 5, 2021



NOVEMBER 2, 2020

A Special Called Meeting of City Council was held on Monday, November 2, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., at City Hall Auditorium, 301 N. Washington Street.

Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Hrncirik at 6:05 p.m.

Council present: Mayor Jon Hrncirik, MPT Monty Glass, Lan Winn, Brenda Miller, Brian Broome, and Mary K. Fair.

City Staff present: City Administrator Steve Biedermann, City Secretary Conchita Torrez, Water/Sewer Supervisor Robert Torrez, Electric Lineman Joe Bush, Electric Lineman Kyle Ward, Seymour PD Sergeant Bryce Sawyer, and Street Department Employee Darrell Moore. 

Guest(s): Charlie Rose, Missie Gray, John Hostas, Missy Weiser, Paul Weiser, Royce Woods, Alicia Hostas, Mark McCord, Grant Elliott, Sarah Elliott, Corley Latham, Eric Latham, Paula Vaden, Shad Sturgeon, Kathy Birkenfeld, and Rodney Hrncirik.  

1.  Discuss and take action regarding concerns from Missie Gray and John Hostas on the City of Seymour Shooting Range.

Missie Gray and John Hostas had come into City Hall and spoken with me and City Administrator, Steve Biedermann.  They both reside at residences on County Road 400 and had concerns regarding the Seymour Gun Range.

Missie Gray addressed the Mayor and City Council and explained that an incident  had occurred  a week before, while she and her family were outside in the yard.  A bullet flew over them as they were outside, and they called the dispatch office to report the incident. They were told to get inside their house and an officer would be there to speak with them. While they were waiting, five more shots went their direction and they feared for their lives.  Missie Gray stated no officer showed up at her residence to investigate.   This is a real concern as her grandchildren play outside all the time.  

Mr. John Hostas also lives down in that area and he had not reported his incident, but, he had been sitting outside in his back yard when he felt a bullet fly by and hit something in his yard.  He checked it out and a bullet had hit one of his trees.  This is a real concern as his children  play outside all the time.

Mayor Hrncirik and City Council thanked them for coming and addressing this issue before them.  Prior to this meeting City Administrator temporarily closed the Shooting Range until further notice.

2. Discuss and take action regarding City Attorney Jonathan Whitsitt’s letter of resignation, effective as of October 31, 2020.

Motion made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Councilmember Brenda Miller to accept Jonathan Whitsitt’s letter of resignation.  Motion carried 5/0

3. Discuss, consider, and approve revised City of Seymour Shooting Range Membership Policy.

There were several things discussed regarding the Shooting Range between Charlie Rose and City Council. One of Mr. Rose’s concerns was the wording on the Membership Liability Form that Mr. Wayne Olsen had e-mailed to the City of Seymour. It was agreed to send it back to Mr. Olsen to clarify the form. It appeared to be too vague, therefore, City Council wanted more clarification.

Motion made by Council member Brian Broome, seconded by MPT Monty Glass, to allow City Secretary to contact Wayne Olsen and receive  specific wording and clarification on said Membership Form.  Motion passed 5/0

4. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding City of Seymour Shooting Range.

After a while, Mr. Rose stood up to comment and Mayor Jon Hrncirik stated to Mr. Rose “Why not discuss the elephant in the room?”.  At that moment, words were exchanged, and Rodney Hrncirik also started yelling and cussing  at Charlie Rose.  Mayor Jon Hrncirik at that time asked that Police Sergeant Sawyer escort Mr. Rose out of the building and at that time Rodney Hrncirik was also removed.  The meeting resumed back to normal and continued with the discussion of the Shooting Grounds.

The meeting resumed back to normal and continued with the discussion of the Shooting Grounds Range responsibilities by City Council.  

Tim Elliott spoke and stated we needed someone to manage the Seymour Shooting Range and they would have to be qualified.

Paula Vaden spoke and stated that the yelling needed to stop and for everyone to do what they were elected to do and to do their jobs.

Questions and Comments were made by City Council to verify who is responsible for running the Shooting Range ?

City Administrator Steve Biedermann was asked when he had hired Charlie Rose as a consultant for the Shooting Range ? City Council stated that they were not aware of this decision until they received an invoice from Mr. Rose for Consultant Services.  Mr. Rose at that time had volunteered his time to help.  He had never been paid for his services.   

No action taken on this agenda item

5. Discuss, consider, and take action regarding bid received for Internet Technician Services for the City of Seymour.

One bid was received for IT Services for the City of Seymour. City Secretary had spoken to Attorney Wayne Olsen and he advised on what to do regarding the only bid received from JBB IT SERVICES, (Brian Broom) . Conflict of Interest and Disclosure forms were placed on the City City Website.

Councilmember Mark K. Fair was concerned with the availability that  JBB would have if he were awarded the bid.  Mr. Broome left the room so council could further discuss it freely. In the contract it would be agreed to have a one-hour response time.

After a discussion was had, a motion was entertained.

Motion made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Councilmember Brenda Miller to approve JBB IT SERVICES, as the Internet Technician for the City of Seymour.  Motion passed with 3 Ayes , 1 Nay (CM Fair) and Brian Broome abstained. 

6.  Discuss, consider, and take action regarding bid received from Dowtech Specialty Contractors, Inc. in the amount of $101,408.00 dollars for a Lift Station Rehab Project.  

Robert Torrez, Water/Wastewater Supervisor spoke regarding this agenda item.  During one of the City of Seymour Budget Workshops, he commented on the condition of the Haley Lift Station. He stated it was in dire need of being replaced and they continued to have trouble with it every week.  Robert also stated that if the lift station it went down, the possibility of sewer getting into citizens homes on the West side of town could be a major possibility.  Many items are removed from the sewer lines that citizens flush down their toilets.  A notice for bids had been placed in the BANNER and the City received one bid in the amount of $101,408.00, from DowTech Specialty Contractors, Inc.  This was approved at the budget workshop and the money is in the budget.  .

Motion was made by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Council member Lan Winn, to approve the bid from Dowtech for the Lift Station Rehab project.  Motion carried 5/0

7.  Discuss and give direction regarding the Electric Supervisor position.   

Mayor Hrncirik expressed that he had asked that this agenda item be discussed at the meeting. Mayor Hrncirik wanted to ask Electric Lineman Joe Bush and Kyle Ward their ideas and plans for the Seymour Electric Department.

Kyle Ward stated that he would be willing to go to school and supervise the department if allowed.  Mr. Bush stated he enjoyed working and not have to worry about the paperwork,  that is involved in being a supervisor.  Kyle Ward was willing to do the paperwork and council praised them for their hard work.

MKF asked if the city advertises in other cities and TML?.

City Secretary Conchita Torrez stated she would see to it that it be placed on the TML Website.

No action was taken on this agenda item.

8.  Discuss and take action regarding City Administrator Steve Biedermann’s letter of resignation, effective as of November 12, 2020.  

Steve had given his  letter of resignation.  He would also consider staying if they wanted him to.

Steve stated that while working at the City, he had completed many projects.  One being the Selenium issue and the Airport Project. 

Motion was made by Council member Lan Winn, seconded by MPT Monty Glass, to accept City Administrator’s Letter of Resignation, effective immediately.  Mayor Hrncirik and  City Council thanked him for his services.

Motion carried 4 Ayes and 1 Nay by Mary K. Fair

9. Discuss and give direction to City Staff, regarding an Interim Attorney for the City of Seymour

Council asked City Secretary Conchita Torrez to contact  Attorney Wayne Olsen, Attorney at Law,  and ask for quotes regarding full time and part time Interim City Attorney services.   

10.  Adjournment by MPT Monty Glass, seconded by Council member Brian Broome, to close meeting at 8:24 p.m.  Motion passed.

Passed and re-approved on this the 17th day of December 2020.

Mayor Jon Hrncirik


Conchita Torrez, City Secretary -TRMC