Public Hearing on Animal Control Fees

Apr 7, 2023

The City of Seymour will hold their Second and final Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m., on Thursday, April 20 2023, at 800 E. Morris Street, Portwood Pavilion, in Seymour, Texas, during a Regular City Council Meeting. This public hearing is in regard to the Article 2.000-Animal Control Fees.

A Second and final public hearing will be held during the regular meeting of May 2023 followed by a vote to approve or not approve said fees.

Citizens are encouraged to attend and discuss these plans with City Council and Tristan King, representative with Jacob & Martin, Inc. Written comments may also be submitted to the City Secretary, P.O. Box 31, Seymour, Texas 76380. Persons with disabilities or others requiring auxiliary aids or services to participate in this hearing should make arrangements with City Secretary Conchita Torrez, at 940-889-3148 at least two days before the hearing.

Suggested Changes

City of Seymour, TX  / Appendix  / Fee Schedule


§ 2.300Livestock, Fowl, Other Animals, Permits and Other.

§ 2.100Licensing Fees. <<REMOVE>>

(a) Neutered (testoctomy) male or spayed (ovarectomy) female dog or cat: $5.00.

(b) Female dog or cat that has not been spayed or any male dog or cat that has not been neutered: $7.00.

§ 2.200Impound and Shelter.

(a) Impoundment Fee: $10.00 one time fee

(b) Shelter Fee: $3.00 per day

(c) Vaccination Fee: $30.00

(d) Adoption Fee: $35.00

(e) Surrender Fee:  $100


(1) Private individual: $35.00.

(2) Private kennel: $15.00.

§ 2.300Livestock, Fowl, Other Animals, Permits and Other.

(a) Annual Permit Fee: $250.00.

(b) Collection and/or Disposal of Dead Animals from the City:

Varmits  $20.00

Small Livestock   $50

Large Livestock   $100

§ 2.400Kennel Permits.

(a) Business Kennel: $40.00.

(b) Nonbusiness Kennel: $10.00.

§ 2.500Dangerous Dogs.

(a) Registration.  Annual registration fee of $100.00

(b) Transfer of Registration.  $35.00

§ 2.600Private Care Facilities (Rescue Shelters).

(a) Annual Permit Fee. No Charge


(1Nonprofit Private Care Facilities (that have shown proof of nonprofit status or application): $10.00.

(2) Private Care Facilities (that do not have a nonprofit status): $40.00.

(b) Adoption Fee.$15.00.

(Ordinance 2016-03 adopted 4/21/16)