September 16, 2021 – City Council Agenda

Sep 10, 2021



Regular City Council Meeting on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., at the Portwood Art & Civic Center, 800 E. Morris Street, Seymour, Texas 76380. All notices have been duly posted in accordance and conformance with the Government Code of the State of Texas, Section 551.072 ( c) The City of Seymour attempts to make its meetings accessible to all its citizens. If you have need of auxiliary aids, please notify the ADA Coordinator at 889-3148, as soon as possible in advance. The following agenda will be considered:

1.     Call to Order, Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Jon Hrncirik

2.   Prayer by Council Member Brian Broome

3.  Reading of the City of Seymour Mission Statement & Values by

      Council Member Les Hons

4.   City Administrator Dr. Jeffrey Brasher will recognize the City of Seymour  Department, and Employee of the Month.

5.  Announcements from the Mayor (At this time, Mayor Hrncirik will make

announcements as related to the events of the previous weeks.  As always, he may make any rearrangements to the order of items on this agenda as he deems prudent in the interest of time).

6.     Citizen’s Comments

7.      Consent Agenda: Consider Approving the Following:

          a.) Approve City of Seymour Meeting Minutes from August 26,  2021

         b.) Accept REPORTS:

         c. ) Administration and Supervisor Reports

         d,) SFRC Membership Totals & Employee List

          e.)  Discuss, consider, and take action to approve Resolution No. 1514 ,

         Personnel Policy Manual, page #15, for the City of Seymour, regarding Holidays. 

           f.) Discuss, consider, and take action to approve Resolution No. 1515 ,  

        designating the Baylor Co. BANNER, as the official newspaper for legal notices and

        announcements for the City of Seymour, Texas, as required by State Law and Texas

         Local Government Code §52.004.

          g .) Discuss and approve the City of Seymour Accounts Payable Bills paid the

          month of August 2021, excluding James Broome bill.

  8.  Discuss, consider, and take action to approve bill paid to James Broome.

  9.   Public Hearings

                  a. )  The City of Seymour to conduct a Public Hearing regarding the Fiscal Year, 2021-2022, Proposed Budget for the City of Seymour.   

                  b.) The City of Seymour to conduct a Public Hearing to establish the ad valorem levy tax rate for the City of Seymour Texas, for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. The Proposed Tax Rate of 0.45408 per $100 value, which is the same as the No-New-Revenue Tax Rate of 0.45408, and lower than the Voter- Approval-Tax Rate of  0.47014.   

         10.    Action Items

                  a.) Discuss, consider, and take action to approve Resolution No. 1516, adopting the Fiscal Year 2021-2022, City of Seymour Budget and conduct a Formal Vote of the City Council for said resolution.  

                  b. )   Discuss, consider, and take action to adopt Ordinance No. 2021-13,

                    establishing the ad valorem tax rate for the City of Seymour, Fiscal Year 2021, at 0.45408/$100 valuation, which is the same as the No-New- Revenue Tax Rate of 0.45408 and lower than the Voter-Approval Tax Rate of 0.47014. This tax rate represents the Operation and Maintenance, by conducting a Formal Vote of the City Council for said ordinance.  

            11.    Adjournment

Note: Council reserves the right to vote or to act in open session or go into

Executive Session upon any of the items listed in this agenda.

Mayor, City Council or City Administrator, may consult with City Attorney at any given time during a Council meeting.   

     I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify the above notice of the meeting of the City Council of the City of Seymour, Texas is a true and correct copy of the said notice that I posted on the official posting place(s) at Seymour City Hall, 301 North Washington Street, Seymour, TX, a place of convenience and readily accessible to the general public at all times, and said notice posted this, Friday, September 10, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.


Conchita Torrez, City Secretary TRMC


City Council



September 13, 2021  

10:45 A.M.


The following item is hereby added to the previously posted agenda for the Regular Called City Council meeting on Thursday, September 16, 2021.  

11. Discuss, and Approve Ordinance No. 2021-14, an ordinance authorizing the issuance, sale and delivery of City of Seymour, Texas, public property finance contractual obligations, series 2021 for the purchase of personal property; securing the payment thereof by authorizing the levy of an annual ad valorem tax; approving and authorizing the execution of all instruments and procedures related thereto including a paying agent/registrar agreement and a purchase and investment letter, and declaring an effective date.  

12.   Adjournment

I, Conchita Torrez, City Secretary, certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted, per the Open Meetings Act, on the official board at the City Hall of the City of Seymour, Texas, on Monday, September 13, 2021 by 10:30 a.m.; in accordance with Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, and shall remain posted until meeting is adjourned.

I, certify that the attached notice and agenda of item to be considered by the City Council of the City of Seymour, Texas will be removed by me from the official bulletin board of the City of Seymour, Texas, 301 N. Washington Street, Seymour, Texas, on the 17th day of September 2021.  

______________________________________   Title: City Secretary