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Spring Clean Up Week – April 11th-19th 2020

2020 Seymour Spring City-Wide Clean-Up Week

Well, it’s that time of year when we hold our City-Wide Spring Clean-Up Week! This spring, the date for the Clean-Up is scheduled for April 11, 2020 to April 19, 2020.  City residents have continued to make significant progress in their efforts to clean up their neighborhoods.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when placing items out for removal:

 1. City residents requiring trash pick-up are NO LONGER required to notify City Hall.

 2. Trash will only be picked up at valid residences. Trash picked up during the City-Wide Clean-up Week applies to occupied residential properties only.

3. Do not place trash in the street where it can obstruct traffic. Place it on the curb or edge of the road where it can be easily accessed by City personnel.

4. No building materials or debris accumulated as a result of demolition activities will be picked up by City personnel.

5. Trash piles must be sorted. For example, metal items must be separated from non-metallic trash and brush must be sorted into a separate pile as well.

6. Loose trash that could become airborne must be contained beneath a tarp and secured.

7. Once trash has been picked up by City personnel, that location will not be permitted to place further trash out for pick-up by City personnel until the next City-Wide Clean-Up Week in the fall.

8. The City will not pick up debris that is the direct result of contractors performing work on residential property.

9. The City-Wide Clean-Up Week DOES NOT apply to commercial businesses.

Thank you for your participation.