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Town Hall Meeting on Dec 17th





LUBBOCK, TX – Today, Senator Charles Perry announced a series of town hall forums across the district, including a stop with Rep. James Frank in Seymour, Texas.


“Throughout my campaign for State Senate, I promised to fully represent all 51 counties in our district,” said Senator Perry. “By hosting these town hall forums in communities big and small, I will be able to hear requests and concerns from people across the diverse district I represent in advance of the upcoming Session.”


“I look forward to once again working closely with Rep. James Frank, as we fight for rural Texas in the upcoming Session,” continued Perry. “James and I work well together and I am proud to take the stage with him in his House District.”


The next Legislative Session begins on January 13th. Since Perry won a Special Election, he has already been sworn in and will have seniority over the 6 freshmen waiting to be sworn in this January.


At the forum, Perry will discuss his legislative agenda, the state budget, and how the legislative process works. Additionally, he will answer questions and receive feedback from his constituents.


“Last November, the voters overwhelmingly rejected the failed policies of the current administration in Washington,” continued Perry. “In the coming Session, Texas will once again serve as an example for the nation as we seek to secure the border, eliminate government waste, provide tax relief for individuals and small businesses, improve outcomes in education, and invest in the infrastructure necessary to support the continued growth of our state.”


The event is open to the public and will take place on December 17th at 4:45 PM at the Portwood Pavilion. If you would like additional details, please contact us at 512-463-0128 or