Turning On/Off Services

The City of Seymour provides electric, water, and garbage services to residents inside the city limits. Garbage outside the city limits will need to be contracted through Knox Waste Service by calling 1-866-691-5974.

Turning On Services

Services can only be turned on in the present applicant’s name. Applicant must present a valid Driver’s License or ID, be of at least 18 years of age, and have no outstanding debt with the City of Seymour. If there is an outstanding debt, that debt must be paid in full to turn on services. Under no circumstances can utitilities be turned on in another person’s name. Utility deposits must be paid by cash or check at time of turn on.

Turning Off Services

Services can only be terminated by the person listed on the account. You may do this by phone, City Hall at 940-889-3148, or in person at 301 N Washington. In the case of a death or other extenuating circustance, services may be terminated by someone other than the account hold ONLY if said person has power of attorney or is the executor of acount holder’s will and provides documentation at City Hall to prove so.