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Understanding Your MOU

The City of Seymour is a Municipally Owned Utility (MOU) provider.  This means that the electricity your purchase goes back into your community to maintain and add to the quality of life we enjoy so much right now.  You help support the Police department and the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department.  Monthly payments made to the City of Seymour of electricity go towards street and sidewalk maintenance and the upkeep of public recreation areas like the city park and pool facilities.  You also help fund economic and community development projects and supports local entities, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Baylor Co. Historical Museum, and the Baylor County Library.

The City of Seymour is the 4th largest employer. This means that we are investing in the lives of our community members by providing a dependable and accessible employment opportunities.  Our employees live and work in this community and see the value added everyday by your investment.

Municipally Owned Utilities are enticing to new businesses and new community members because it allows the city to generate a revenue that is not tied to property taxes or water bills.  MOUs also help to ensure that the communities they serve have the resources that those citizens need and can take on more projects than a city funded through taxes alone.

With a Municipally Owned Utility such as Seymour, your monthly payment for electricity is invested in the economic health of your community. The welfare of the City of Seymour and our residents is our #1 concern every single day. Public utility companies, on the other hand, do not have the same concerns.  They are out to make a profit for their shareholders; that is their primary motivation. Public utility companies do not have to employ a sizable workforce in the rural communities they serve, and they do not have to spend your money locally.  These private companies don’t fund your police or fire department, they don’t shop at the local hardware store, and whether or not you have a city swimming pool or a park is not their concern.  By paying for electricity through an MOU, you ensure that your money stays at home.

The City of Seymour Municipally Owned Utility generates the funds required to ensure the quality of life that Seymour citizens should expect in our community.  We hire local employees, we shop local, and we support local.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all our residents are able to have low property taxes and an inexpensive water supply.  The City of Seymour MOU will continue investing, improving, and ensuring that Seymour, Texas is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.