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You’re never too “anything” to accomplish something amazing



Never say “I’m to old…young…inexperienced…” again!

On October 24th, 1901 Annie Taylor became the first person and the first woman to go over the falls in a barrel and survive. Ms Taylor, a 63 year old school teacher from Michigan, accompanied by her cat, decided to tempt fate in an effort to gain fame and fortune.

The Pan American Exposition was taking place in Buffalo, New York and Ms. Taylor felt she would be able to attract a huge crowd. On the afternoon of October 24th, 1901 a small boat towed the barrel containing Ms. Taylor and her cat into the main stream of the Niagara River where it was cut loose.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. the barrel was seen edging over the brink, only to reappear less than a minute later where it was seen floating at the base of the falls. Fifteen minutes later the barrel reappeared close to the Canadian shore, where it was dragged to a rock and the barrel lid removed.

To everyone’s amazement, Annie Taylor emerged from her barrel, dazed but triumphant. Her only injury was a cut on her forehead that she received while being extracted from her barrel.

Mrs. Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to ever go over the Mighty Niagara Falls and survive and she undoubtedly found the fame that she had been seeking.

Where’s your barrel? What’s your Niagara?

You are able to make a difference.  You are capable of great things.  You can make a difference and do great things in your community!  But we have to identify your Niagra (challenge) and how you plan to ride your barrel (overcome).  Although some things are an individual undertaking, most challenges are best with a group.  Even Ms. Taylor brought her cat along!

Community Quarterly

The Seymour Economic Development Department will begin holding Community Quarterly meetings on May 8th at the Portwood Pavilion during lunch.  This is a coming together of civic and service organizations and those looking to join in the “barrel” with other like minded individuals.  We can accomplish so much more when we are focused together, answering the needs of the community and helping other groups when asked.  It is time to work together to strengthen the community!  Join us May 8th at noon.  To RSVP or get more info, please call Lauren Bush at 940-889-0030 or email at